Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Super Bowl Roll Out Further North to California....

While better than 115 million potential Super Bowl TV viewers prepare to settle in for the big game, we will be rolling out of Yuma for points north and west. 

A three hour drive will have us arrive near the noon hour at our next stop. We are heading to Desert Hot Springs, California.   In terms of our set up there, it should leave us plenty of time to ready before the Super Bowl telecast.
We lived through several days of clouds and rains here in Yuma country. But we did get to motorcycle around.  It seems it would rain during the night and dry off by day.  

A surge of vegetable harvests and an influx of refrigerated transport trucks keep the traffic humming here.  The trucks roll in, load up and roll out of here for grocery outlets all over the USA and Canada.

Reaping the vegetable crops is a labor intensive process.
Heading north towards the Imperial Dam and Squaw Lake area, we often pass by this Cloud Museum.  Never having stopped by there before, we did slow down to get a few photos of the place. It is clearly a collection of the old stuff from yesteryear. 

Our arrival at Squaw Lake
Several RVers do call this place home during the winter months.  There are no services though but it seems to be OK for those who prefer being close to the water.

The sun would not shine but we still spent some time outdoors.
The cloudy days and wet periods did not deter our events and activities.  We hosted my brother and SIL Rita for a barbecue dinner, last Thursday evening.  The awning would keep us dry - should there be rain.
It was pleasant to sit outdoors but light jackets were a must to ward off the cool air.
While waiting for Jeanette to ready for a Friday motorcycle ride, I was mesmerized by the beautiful roadster our next door neighbor built.  From northwest Idaho, the custom hot rod builder is an 84 year old man who still builds these street rods.  And they are absolutely beautiful.  He also raced cars in his youth and continued to participate in that sport till only a few years ago.  Jeanette and I could not believe that he was 84 years old.  He presents like an young 70 year old.  Impressive! dream!
With some Friday errands to run, we chose two wheels over four.  Our pick up items were small and would easily fit into the saddle bags.  So off we went.  It was a pleasant couple of hours that later found us on the extreme south side of the United States Marine Air depot in Yuma.  Our timing was perfect to watch some new F-35 jet fighters take off.  Most impressive was the short take off ability of these supersonic aircraft.
Yuma Foothills area.
Great views in the Yuma Foothills
Bernie and Rita had mentioned that they would be around their home by mid-afternoon, Friday, and when we rolled in, they were playing a board game.  We joined them for a visit that turned in to an outdoor dinner under their propane heaters.  We took a two mile walk around their park before saying our bye byes and heading back to our site.

If we don't get to see them again this winter, we will certainly see them back home in Alberta some time this spring and summer.
Bernie and Rita's home site at the Country Roads RV Resort, Yuma, AZ.
And with that behind us, we start putting stuff away in preparation for our Super Bowl Sunday departure from the Yuma Foothills.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Always something to keep you guys busy and moving around, enjoy the Super Bowl.

  2. It's not the greatest day we've had weather-wise here in DHS this winter but things look great for the rest of the week and beyond.

  3. Hope you got settled in time for the Super Bowl. It was a pretty good game.

  4. Enjoy DHS! I just caught up on all your activities, and as usual, you have been living life to it's fullest!