Thursday, January 15, 2015

Contrasting Weather and Palm Springs Visitors...

Tuesday was a planned motorcycle ride but peering west, from the RV windows, presented some ominous clouds.  And dark, dark they were.  I checked the weather satellite on our iPad and it did not lie.  A severe storm was heading our way.  The ride was scuttled.
10:30 am... and the rain came down hard and steady.
So we made it an indoor day catching up on our reading.  It was intersting to watch the rainfall create small streams in the drainage ditches that surround Canyon Vista.

Rain water accumulations in the wash behind our 5th wheel.
The rain reminded us of a typical west coast day back home in the Pacific Northwest - British Columbia.  The temperature dropped considerably lower too.
3:30 pm and we were back outdoors enjoying the late afternoon sun and fresh rain soaked air.
The storm left almost as quickly as it came in.  And the late afternoon sky offered some pretty sun setting fiery sky in the western horizon.  So, that was our Tuesday in Gold Canyon.
Early Wednesday morning, Jeanette and I took a long, long walk around our RV park; including the Superstition Views - a new housing development that is part of this resort.
Superstition Mountain is the backdrop to the newer development in this RV park.
Other than visiting with RVers near us and taking care of some business on line, we did something we don't often do and that was to sit out to enjoy the sun for a couple of hours.  We were expecting our Palm Springs friends, Lucky and Trena to roll in.   They did just that shortly after 4:00 pm.
A 4 1/2 hr steady ride from Palm Springs, it took them 6 hours (with breaks) to make the journey.
It was a beautiful day for Trena and Lucky's ride on I-10.  If not for a 1/2 hr. complete stop due to a roll over vehicle in Phoenix, they would have completed the ride in 5.5 hours.  

We sat outdoors enjoying a libation in the waning afternoon sun before we escorted our guests to the local Inn here in Gold Canyon.  And what a nice facility that Best Western Hotel is. 
The registration desk at the Best Western, Gold Canyon.
An eastern view from their room.
I returned a little later to collect Trena and Lucky who joined us for dinner at our RV spot in Canyon Vista.  We barbecued some fine foods and enjoyed a relaxing evening catching up.

We drove them back to their hotel after 10:00 pm with a promise to meet up today (Thursday).  We are spending the day at the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale.  Home - Barrett-Jackson Auction Company - World's Greatest Collector Car Auctions

We will be heading east for a Friday ride.....
And on Friday, we have a great motorcycle ride planned that will offer our guests some new roads they have not yet explored.  And the weather? is looking great.  Temperatures are set to rise into the low to mid-70's.  We like that!  

 And that's what we've been up to.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Wise decision staying home on Tuesday, I was riding over east of you towards Superior and although we started out in the sunshine, about the time we got to the farthest part of our journey, the skies opened up and the rain came down, hard. We had for the most part prepared for a shower or two but the torrential downpour that we encountered made some of the slick rock we had to traverse a little more tricky than usual. Nevertheless any ride is a good ride.

  2. Sounds like a great couple days and a little rain, no problem as long as the sun came up and gets warm again.
    I actually saw Lucky outside his trailer our last day in DHS when I visited with Allen and Lolita for a couple minutes, but did not have time to stop and introduce myself. Keep enjoying that wonderful weather.

  3. That is a great area to be staying at...we loved it there! The sun will come back!