Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's Moving Day....

We leave our great RV spot at Canyon Vista RV Resort here in Gold Canyon, Arizona, this morning.  Following our third stay here, we will miss the gorgeous Superstition Mountain and the many friends who live in this area.

 Our 14 days are up. And we now head further south and west to Yuma.
The RV sites in Canyon Vista are some of the longest and widest we have ever experienced.  One does not get the sense of being squeezed in.  In fact, we feel less squeezed in here than the present crush of boon dockers that are calling Quartzite home.  Oh....and we get the wonderful benefit of 50 amps - with all the services - and two great pool and spa facilities.  Shopping is close by.  It is hard to beat such a fine facility.  And the activities coordinator here is on top of organizing so many  interesting events.  

One can partake in all or none of the activities.  There is no sales pressure either!

In the four years we have traveled in the winter months - and have called so many RV Parks home - we marvel at the courtesy RVers have towards other RVers.  We have seldom - if ever - had reason to complain about noise or other disruptions.  We respect that!  These parks tend to draw like minded, courteous folks.  And....we enjoy meeting new people!

Jeanette and I will return here.
Another beautiful Arizona day....
Not only did we thoroughly enjoy our time here, we certainly took full advantage to check out the countryside.  Our Iowan friends (that we met three years back) were fun to ride with.  We will miss them.....but, then again, we may get to see them again in Yuma.
Entrance to our RV park.
I put most of the storage stuff away, late yesterday.  That leaves only a bit of work before we hitch up and pull slightly forward to allow for sufficient clearance to load the motorcycle on to the swivel wheel.  Our drive today will take about 3.5 hours.
Golfing friend - Gerry
I mentioned in earlier blogs that we have several friends who call Canyon Vista their winter home.  Gerry and Pauline are one couple who call Montréal, Quebec their primary home.  And Gerry and I go back many, many years to our time at CBC-TV (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

Gerry lined up a golf game (my first since last mid-October) on the Sidewinder course at the Gold Canyon Golf Resort.  There are two golf beautiful golf courses at the resort; the other being the Dinosaur course.  There are a few other golf courses nearby too.
The resort hotel - 5 Stars!!!!
Our tee-off was close to on time and by 3:30 pm, we were completing the 18th hole. One can easily be distracted here because the scenery is so stunningly beautiful.  It was a fun day on the links.
Hole #1 on the Sidewinder Golf Course.
Late evening sunset.
We have seen many sunsets in our travels but the Arizona sunsets, from Gold Canyon, seem to top off the best of the best.  We never tire of that.

We've enjoyed a whack of fun here and we look forward to meeting up with friends - along with my brother and his wife - in Yuma.  More adventures to come.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Safe travels and maybe we will see you in Yuma!

  2. safe travels as you continue onwards!! Canyon Vista looks like a beautiful park!

  3. Have a safe trip. It was great to see you!

    1. It was a fun time......! It was nice to get together with you two.

  4. Sounds like you are having a wonderful winter, enjoy the Yuma area.

    1. Yuma was much warmer upon arrival that in the Phoenix country.

  5. Thanks for your visit! I hope Yuma was warmer than here, the wind was really chilly, despite the sunshine! See you soon, safe travels!
    Gerry and Pauline

    1. Yuma was warmer; @ 72 degrees. So, yes, much warmer than in Gold Canyon. Thanks for everything.

  6. Sure is a beautiful looking golf course. Safe travels to Yuma and more warm weather!

    1. Thanks Rick. Caliente' Springs in DHS will be our home for all of February and March. See you soon.