Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tin Tee Pee @ Dog Pound South

As far as great days in blogland go, our Saturday was about as good as it can get.  You read right!
Leaving our RV park and heading for points west and south from Gold Canyon.
Our Palm Springs friends, Trena and Lucky, were heading to Yuma.  We were heading in the same direction...but our destination would be two hours shorter than theirs.  We rode to the lovely, small city of Maricopa before we said our bye byes.
Taking the ramp from Highway 60 to the 202 Loop
A brief stop in Maricopa to say bye bye......!
After Trena and Lucky headed west on Highway 238 we, on the other hand headed a few minutes further south and west. Our destination?  A nice little ranch known as Dog Pound South.  We were really looking forward to that. 
Rolling in to Dog Pound South
And by 11:30 am, we were rolling into Dog Pound South, our third visit here, these past three years.  But the 'pièce de résistence' was meeting long time Montana bloggers, Janna and Mike - well known as Tin TeePee/Log Cabin - for the very first time.
Mike and Janna
Having followed their blog for several years - and enjoying everything about their story - we were excited to meet them in person.  It was friendship at first sight.  And what a lovely couple they are!  We instantly felt we had known them forever. 
Brenda and Jeanette
JB, Brenda, Janna and Mike have been friends for several years.  To be invited to share their Saturday was a blogger's gift.
JB is waxing about oil prices and the industry in general.
The mid 70's Arizona temperature had us sitting under a bright blue sky and being completely engaged in chat.
L-R  JB, Mike and Janna
Brenda is a terrific hostess.  We enjoyed really tasty barbecued beef burgers, with all the trimmings and condiments.  Yummy!
....and the carrot cake was!  We even brought some back home with us.
Truly enjoying the sunny afternoon in the Arizona outdoors.
To recap our endless discussions would fill a small diary.  But we did cover a wide spectrum of topics - blogging, RV'ing, family, and more.  
Emmi and Mike
Emmi seemed to warm up to me but when I encouraged her to sit on my lap, she preferred the comfort and security of sitting on Mike's lap. She did come to me for some petting though.
Enjoying a relaxing day....
By 4:30 pm, we were preparing to head out for the 90 minute ride back to Canyon Vista RV Resort in Gold Canyon.
L-R  Me, Janna, Mike, Brenda and John
To describe our day with these good folks can only be summed up with one word:  Awesome!  And we look forward to the next time we can get together.  

You have to love this RV lifestyle - and the blogging world - for bringing like minded folks together. What a treat!

And that's our story from here, for now.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. what a great day....awesome is a good word to describe it..nothing like meeting new friends who seem like old friends!

  2. It was a great day with old friends,...............well really,........ young friends we have known for a while.

  3. Isn't this life just great! Sounds like you had another wonderful day.

  4. Awesome is right - that looked like a perfect day with friends!