Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Down The Lazy River.....

.....with a paddle?  You bet!  
Ready to ply the Colorado River in our Sea Eagle kayak
Today (Wednesday) Jeanette drove me up river where I could set the Sea Eagle into the Colorado River and meander my way down river toward Pirate's Cove.
What a treat to, once again, ply the Colorado in the kayak
When flying back here from British Columbia, Jeanette and I had a change of plans with respect to our stay on the Colorado River.  Although one night had been planned, we started talking about the good weather we were returning to and that fueled our thinking about having some fun here.  One night at Moabi Regional Park became three nights.
Perfect weather and the waters were calm
Our second full day proved absolutely perfect to kayak.  I was first out.  Thinking my trip would take me two hours, the Colorado River was flowing well down river and in half the time, I was at the mouth of the cove that would take me back to the boat launch near our RV park.  I paddled over four miles.  Down river was much easier but turning into the cove meant having to work hard against the current to reach my destination.
Approaching Pirate's Cove
I got back to our RV near noon.  After lunch, it was Jeanette's turn with the paddle.  She is not a fan of paddling a moving river but is quite comfortable in the protected cove.  So, off she went.
Jeanette is heading out to the far reaches of the cove.
The naturalist that she is, Jeanette had to look into the reeds in search of water fowl.
There was a period of time when I could no longer see her.  But once she reached the end of the cove, there was only one way back to the boat launch.
The smile says it all.  It was a good paddle for her too.
So, that was Wednesday.  On Tuesday (the day following our arrival here), we had planned a long motorcycle ride that would take us into three States: California to Arizona, Arizona to Nevada and Nevada back into Arizona before returning to California.
Entering the State of Arizona.
Leaving Moabi Regional Park, CA we rolled east on I-40 towards Highway 95 north through Topock, AZ and further north into Bullhead City, AZ.  The sun was bright and the temperature was most favourable.  How nice!
On the Arizona side of the Colorado River - Wild donkeys enjoying frolicking in the water.
Crossing the Colorado River from Bullhead City, AZ had us in Laughlin, NV.  The casinos stand tall here. 

We did not have any reason to stop into Laughlin, NV so we motored south bound through the city and made our way down to the Avi Casino; a large native casino/hotel/resort.  It is a nice facility.  And it seemed to attract a good number of patrons too.
Here's the reason we like to stop for a break at the Avi Casino.
Walking through the casino, we end up on a beautiful grass and beach that fronts the Nevada side of the Colorado River.  In the spring, summer and fall months, this place is crazy busy with tourists.  In the winter months, it is quiet.  The only noise comes from the slot machines inside the casino.  
We walked around the area, enjoying the views and pretty well being all alone in this lovely setting.
We left the Avi Casino/Resort and instantly crossed the Colorado River back into Arizona.  You read right!  Back in Arizona, we rode eastward into the southern end of Bullhead City, AZ before heading south on Highway 95 towards Needles, CA.  Once in Needles, we were back in California and heading back on I-40 to return to Moabi Regional Park.  

If that all sounds confusing, it really isn't.  We basically did a complete circle ride that took us through the three states mentioned earlier.
Celebrating Ukrainian Christmas Eve
Back at our RV site, Jeanette had planned a nice dinner to celebrate her traditional heritage Christmas eve.  In the Ukrainian tradition, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th.  So.....why not partake in another Christmas celebration?  The barbecued salmon was perfect.  With mixed vegetables and a fantastic carrot cake for dessert, we celebrated in grand style.

Before dinner this (Wednesday) evening, we 'Face Timed' our Edmonton, Alberta family.  Courtney and Deni were busy with their dinner preparations but we did get to exchange some fun chat and share true face time with Owen.  Although we will 'Face Time' Owen on his one year birthday (January 13th), we still wished him a happy birthday before signing off.

Our site at Moabi Regional Park @ Pirate's Cove, CA
Tomorrow (Thursday) we leave this area for Gold Canyon, AZ - just minutes east of Mesa and about 25 minutes east of Phoenix, AZ.

We managed to take advantage of our time here and we met our two primary goals; kayaking and motorcycling.  It was fun! we go.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Oh yeah looks so wonderful the weather and the food.

  2. the weather looks fabulous! and you are right..your motorcycle trip sounded a tad confusing..may have to goole the route!!

  3. Looks like a great time for sure. Would love to connect with you guys while you are in AZ. How long will you be in Gold Canyon?

  4. Kevin and Tracy,
    We will be in Gold Canyon for seven nights @ Canyon Vista Resort, beginning today (Thursday).

  5. Rene, the motorcycle group from the park heads out for group rides on Friday mornings if you're interested. On the main road into the park there's a motor-home from BC with a Budweiser window shade in the front window and he's the coordinator of the rides.

  6. I can see another kayak in your future! How much fun would it be for both you and Jeanette to paddle the Colorado River together?

    Enjoy your drive to Gold Canyon!

  7. Well I just had to google that route ! LOL Sure looked like a GREAT ride you two had.

    Could you have continued South on Needles Highway instead of heading East back on the 95 ?

  8. That is beautiful country on the Colorado River and you are taking full advantage of it!