Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Taken 3 - Pizza Night - Day Ride

It rained here on Monday so our plans changed accordingly.  While I was at a service centre to have our truck's front wheels aligned, Jeanette ran the on board washer and dryer.   By early afternoon, we drove to my brother and sister in law's home and hung out for a short while before driving to the Yuma Palms Harkins Theatres to watch the Movie, 'Taken 3'.
It was a good film.

We followed that with a Da Boyz Pizza in downtown Yuma.  This restaurant includes private party rooms that are themed.  One room is themed on Elvis, and another one is filled with Marilyn memorabilia.  The other two rooms were occupied so I did not venture in.
The Marylin Monroe themed party room
We had been sold on Da Boyz Pizza long before we set foot in the downtown establishment.  So many snow birders rave about the food.  And it was true.  The pizza we shared with Bernie and Rita was really, really good.  
Really good pizza....
Having fun in downtown Yuma
It was a fun afternoon and evening with Bernie and Rita.  After leaving the downtown core, we returned to their home for  an hour or so before heading back to our site in the Yuma Foothills. We will see them again before we leave Yuma for points north and west. 
North from Yuma, AZ
Tuesday started off being breezy, cloudy and cool.  We enjoyed a mid-morning 'Face Time' with our daughter and her kids.  Easton was fun to chat with.  He has such a good command with speech and we heard plenty of fun stories.  Good fun!

We hung around our RV spot till noon before unlocking the motorcycle and riding north of the city.  We did not have a firm destination but we did end up enjoying a mid-afternoon coffee in Martinez Lake.
The clouds had lifted and the sun was out.
Once the clouds dissipated, the temperature rose quickly.  Tuesday afternoon was a return to more normal temperatures.
Martinez Lake
The little village at Martinez Lake was quiet....very quiet.  We saw only one little boat with a single fisherman casting for a bite.  Even the restaurant was quiet.
Nice view looking north.
Martinez Lake is an old village with a mix of old (some would say run down) and new homes, and RV spots - many with services and others without.  It is a destination for motorcyclists and anglers though.   
By 4:30 pm, Jeanette and I were on the return ride back to our site.  We sat outdoors for some time, enjoying our outdoor fire place.  That kept the early evening chills off.

As I ready to post this, our Wednesday is looking great.  There is not one cloud in the Yuma sky, the wind is very light and the sun has risen.  It's looking like a great day here in the extreme south west end of Arizona.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Any day that you get a good ride in is a good day.

  2. You truly know how to fill your days with fun and excitement.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. Always something to do and enjoying the weather is our favorite.

  4. We stayed at Lake Martinez a long, long time ago--nice to see water in the desert.