Sunday, January 4, 2015

When The White Stuff Falls,...It's Time to Go.....

We woke up this Sunday morning to snow.  What?  Although unusual for snow on this Pacific BC coast, it does happen.  It seems that there is snow once or twice, most winters.  The norm is to wait a few days and the rain will wash the snow away.  That is what was happening as I was writing this blog. The rain was coming down and the snow was slowly disappearing.
Early this Sunday morning.
I am not sure if this is a signal for us to return to the US southwest but the fact is we do have an early Monday morning flight back to Las Vegas.  We'll retrieve our truck, purchase groceries and drive two hours south where we will hitch up and move our 5th wheel to an RV site on the Colorado River.
Jeanette and I hosted a New Year's Day get together with our neighbours
We have been busy with visitations and the odd lunch with friends.  And the 'pièce de résistance' was hosting Brie and Easton for the better part of two days, with one overnight, at our home.  Now, that was fun.
An outing with Grand Papa - Me on foot and Easton on his Strider bicycle.
We burned up some energy with outdoor and indoor activities.  Jeanette and I spent many hours on our family room floor playing....but it was a lot of fun!
Our little house guests.
We read books, we made meals, we enjoyed some treats and we played ourselves out. We all slept well too.  Brie only wakes once or twice at night and that was not a big deal for Jeanette.  She got up to tend to Brie's needs.  I woke up too.....but she beat me to Brie's side.  Easton sleeps right through the night.
Our little Brie will be celebrating her very first birthday this mid-February.  Nana showed her the birthday gift that she will unwrap come the special day.
These two children are very good at entertaining themselves.
Brie and Easton do not need constant attention.  In fact, they relish their own time playing.  That gives us a nice break too.  They aren't too needy that way.
Easton stores his play motorcycles in the playhouse garage.
Brie often stands up and does not immediately realize she is doing so without having a prop to hold on to.  We feel she will up and walk soon.  No rush!  She'll choose the time.
On snow day Sunday, Easton was looking forward to going outside.  Nana obliged and before long, they were outdoors frolicking in the snow.  A snowman got built and both were proud of their work.  Easton chose to name the snowman 'Frosty'.  Seemed fitting enough.

He was not too keen on riding his bicycle, so it seems.  It was a damp cold outdoors.
Once Frosty was named, Easton and Nana were back indoors.
By early afternoon, our daughter Ginette was over to collect her kids.  It was hard for us to say bye bye to both grand kids.  We know just how much we will miss them.  We had the same feelings when Owen and his folks departed back for Edmonton.
Owen plans to 'FaceTime' .......!
I promised Easton that we would 'FaceTime' often.  I am not sure that appeased him but it is a nice communication tool nonetheless. The iPads will be burning up some data; guaranteed!

I am sure some neighbours (and passengers in cars driving by) must have believed I had flipped my lid.  Before composing this blog, I was outdoors in the snow and sleet to wash our Nissan.  It needed a good wash.  Sitting dirty in the garage for an extended period is not something I can easily accept. the pouring rain, I put soap to sponge and carefully washed our truck before driving and locking it in our garage.

Even with reasonable rain gear, I still got quite wet.  The rain came down hard.....!  And it was quite cool out. But, I accomplished my goal.  It is stored and it's clean.

This will be our last post from Langley, British Columbia.  The next post will be from the US southwest....and, ideally in much nicer weather.

Ginette has graciously offered to get up early on Monday morning, collect us at our home and drive us over the US/Canada border  to the Bellingham, WA airport for our early morning return flight to Las Vegas.

Christmas at home was a gift in itself and we now look forward to the journey ahead. 

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Family time is always special but you are right when the snow flies it's time to go.
    Safe Travels and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. It sure looks like you had a great time, but I know you'll appreciate the warmth down here. Mid 60's today, and 70’s by Wednesday. It's about time if you ask me.

  3. enjoy the flight back to the land of sunshine! rain and more rain I am sure you won't miss it!

  4. Yes time to head back south and warm up.

  5. Bring some warmer temps with you please!

  6. Looks like you had a great time, safe travels back to warmer temperatures.

  7. Definitely time to head south! Cute pics of Brie and Easton.

    Hope to run across you this winter in your travels.

  8. Before the white stuff is the time to head out.