Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Beautiful Countryside is Never Ending.....

The outskirts that surround the large Phoenix metropolitan area offer some impressive countryside.  And to view it from a motorcycle is that much more impressive, in our view.
Heading out on MLK long weekend - Sunday
SUNDAY:  We followed our riding friends, Lavonne and Dave on a great route north and west towards Fountain Hills, Scottsdale and Cave Creek.  We avoided all freeways.  And what a ride!
We cannot confirm if true or not, but the locals state that this home, on the mountain top, in north Mesa belongs to Bruce Springsteen
In the Fountain Hills area

Lavonne and Dave led us through some great countryside, beautiful housing areas, awesome roads and into a funky place called Greasewood Flat.  It stands out amongst some beautiful residential communities.
A place to take one back in time.
This place is popular with the locals and tourists.  It is a collection of all that is old.  But the food is pretty darned good.  This rustic eatery and outdoor beer joint attracts an eclectic mix of people.  
It's quite the draw for motorcyclists too......
.....with quite the collection of old junk......
There are chicken coops (with some exotic looking birds), donkeys, a small band stand for country music performers and it is surrounded by a vast collection of old pioneering equipment and more.  It's treasure to some and junk to others.
......and walls and ceilings dripping with US dollar bills.
The indoor food order area is valuable; given the hundreds of thousands of dollar bills that are stapled to the walls and ceilings.  
And the food?   Pretty darned good.
I chose a cheese burger and Jeanette chose a chicken burger.  We were impressed!  The burgers were not just good, they tasted great.  Enjoyed outdoors, seated on rustic tables, we listened to a talented country singer who had a very good command of his guitar.  The ambiance was true country.  What a fun place.
Further north and west in Cave Creek.....
After lunch, Dave was keen to take us further west and north to an area that is a huge, huge draw for motorcyclists.  Whoa!  Was he ever right?  Other than other large motorcycle gatherings we've attended, this area of Cave Creek was dotted with millions upon millions of dollars worth of two wheel rides.
......a popular gathering for motorcyclists.
Everything I ever heard and read about the Hideaway Grill seemed true when we rolled in to Cave Creek.  We rode by, slowly - pulled a U-turn a few blocks up - rolled back through the chaos of motorcycles before making our way back towards Gold Canyon.  Impressive?  Yes.  And we will go back there some day.
Parking is at a premium on weekends and long weekends.
On our return ride, we took a break in the Fountain Hills town centre.  Our timing was perfect.  The popular (and impressive) fountain began pushing water high up as we walked along the waters edge.
The fountain in Fountain Hills.
Heading east to Lake Saguaro
We learned that Lake Saguaro is a popular fishing  and pleasure boating spot.  And it was busy during our stop there.  It is a beautiful lake.  For the uninitiated, visitors are always surprised at the number of beautiful lakes that can be found near the metropolitan area.
Beautiful Lake Saguaro just north from Mesa
We enjoyed a lovely chat with an 85+ year old volunteer along the lake shore.  This gentleman is a full time RVer with a beautiful philosophy on life and living.  I so thoroughly enjoyed engaging with him.  

MONDAY:  A day trip to Tortilla Flats
A pretty scene in at the foot of Superstition Mountain.
With some shopping out of the way and a late morning outdoor breakfast enjoyed at our RV site, we coordinated another day ride under the sunny and warm Arizona skies.  Lavonne and Dave were up to taking a ride out to Tortilla Flats.  We guessed that being a holiday Monday, there could be some good country music to be enjoyed there. 
Our Iowan friends and great riding partners.  L-R  Dave, Lavonne with Jeanette and me.
The road to Tortilla Flats is as bumpy as it has always been.  With the tight twists and turns, we managed the mountain road to the rustic and pioneer village known as Tortilla Flats.  
On the way to Tortilla Flats.....
The countryside is amazingly beautiful here too.  For a holiday Monday, the road was not overly busy but our arrival in Tortilla Flats had us quickly realize that many had the same idea we had.  It was busy there.  We found some roadside parking and within minutes, we were seated and listening to some great country music.  Cooling down with some well earned lemonade, we took in two sets from the talented trio.
....to take in some great country music.....
Not only were the musicians good country singers, the lead guitar player was funny.  He had the knack to tell jokes.  And although many jokes were somewhat corny, he sure was able to get the crowd laughing.  I enjoyed him.....and his incredible musical ability with his Fender guitar.  Fun time!
....from a top class trio of talented musicians.
Gun to the head........?
I am not sure if planned or not but Jeanette took this photo while I was returning to the motorcycle.  Such timing, eh?
Enjoying Happy hour with good friends back at Canyon Vista RV Resort.  L-R  Lavonne, Dave, Sylvia, Rod and me.
Back at our RV park, we chose to drop in to the regular Monday afternoon Happy Hour. It is put on by the Canyon Vista staff and volunteers.  The beer was cold, the popcorn endless and the company was engaging.  We met Rod and Sylvia, blogger friends who call West Kelowna, BC home -  Six Saturdays and a Sunday | Work's over, now it's time to play!  We enjoyed a nice visit with them and our Iowan friends before the beer quit flowing and the popcorn disappeared.  It was an enjoyable hour.

Back at our 5th wheel, we settled in to catch up on the news of the day and after dinner,  over to Lavonne and Dave's Class 'A' to enjoy their outdoor wood burning fire pit. 

Other than our fun day spent with Janna and Mike Tin TeePee/Log Cabin , along with with Brenda and JB John & Brenda's Incredible Journey , this past Saturday at Dog Pound South, the Martin Luther King weekend was a fun-filled one that we will not quickly forget.

Thanks for dropping in.



  1. Just have to love that part of the country, thanks for the tour

  2. Are you sure that you actually had time to sit and relax with all that going on?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We've been to Greasewood Flat a couple times--always fun. Rumor is after May 2015 it will be no more--it does sit on a pretty valuable piece of Scottsdale real estate!