Sunday, December 11, 2011

3 Weeks to Departure South

  The fog rolled in overnight.
Our weather has brought a combination of fog (on occasion), sunshine and frost.  There is a message there!  Head south for some sun and heat.  Although our average daytime temperatures are quite mild, for Pacific NW Coast weather, the US southwest  magnet is pulling hard.
Nice frost on these plants in our yard.
Mr. Frosty packed a hard punch a few nights ago.  It took the sun till about noon to burn off the heavy frost.  It is pretty though!

The fog did not keep me away from driving to the White Rock Tim Horton's coffee shop to meet with the "Open Mike" guys; our regular Sunday morning get together.
Two days ago.  Serious scraping required to removed the frost.
Yesterday's task!
With early preparations for our RV'ing trip south, I started in earnest on Saturday.  I opened the front hatch in the 5th wheel and fired up the generator.  It started fine and I exercised it for a good 20 minutes.

While the generator was purring away, I fired up the motorcycle - in the garage - to heat up the oil to ready for an oil change.
The 10-40 oil is ready for the fill up once the used oil has all dripped out into the oil capture pan.
I had not started the motorcycle for three weeks or so and it started fine.  The battery is keeping a good charge and with fresh oil, the bike is ready for its swivel wheel trailer we hitch behind the fiver.
All cleaned up, freshly oiled and waiting patiently to load up in the coming weeks.
Jeanette and I have printed our 'preparation list' and have marked off a few things in preparation for our journey south. 

Another view of this morning's fog.
The fog rolls in,.... rolls out....,but has not burned off as I write this blog (noon time, Pacific time). So it's looking like an indoor day v. an outdoor one.

I have some other chores to take care of while occasionally checking out the Franklin Templeton Shootout, PGA Golf Tournament, from Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, Florida.
Our sun at high noon today.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fog and frost is better than the more common drizzle and winter rains we get here in the winter months.  Sun and heat would be better though!  Soon enough.....soon enough!  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. if you would have ventured east? fog at Harrison Mills today!!!..the countdown is on for you and Jeanette!..once Christmas is over your time will be here before you know it!!

  2. The excitement is climbing as departure day draws near! Your swivel wheel trailer pulled behind your 5'ver is something we could use when we travel. What brand do you have?

  3. When the frost begins to get that heavy it's definitely time to head south. You seem to have your preparation plans well in hand.

  4. Lady Dyna Rider:

    The motorcycle trailer system we use is from Fast Master Products:

    Our December 2010, January & February 2011 blogs feature our experiences with install, loading and RV'ing.

    All the best.

  5. your weather is looking pretty similar to ours..two weeks from tomorrow is our departure date...praying for get outta dodge weather and a good bp reading..

  6. Looks like you should be in good shape for a timely departure. Should be nice getting the bike out again when your down south, if it's anything like last year, your in for some good riding. Thanks for sharing the weather, we will be in White Rock the week of the 26th. I guess the Kokanee will be staying cold out on the deck.

  7. Allen and Lolita,

    Guaranteed that the Kokanee will stay cold on the deck!!! I wish you some of this great - frosty - mild - sunny - winter temps while you are in White Rock. As you know however, rain could be in play too! That's a west coast rain forest for you!!!

  8. Three weeks will fly by and you will soon be headed for sunnier climes!

    Does the bike trailer change the status of you rig and restrict you to certain highways? I can see it making it impossible to back up for more than a foot or two.

  9. Croft,

    The trailer is actually a direct connect to the 5th wheel. The wheel swivels. There is not ball connect which makes it legal in all Canadian Provinces and all US states. It's a great design. Think of it as being welded to the frame of the 5th.....although it is removable.

    Copy and paste this link to see how it works.

  10. Great design! I will pass it on to my biker friends.