Friday, December 2, 2011

Shed Stuff - PART DEUX!

Started off with the building wrap.
Hey, don't kill the messenger!  If this topic is boring (and for many it must be), I promise not to be offended if you boot off!  For those who enjoy the progress report, hang in!
Building completely wrapped and ready for the vinyl siding.
The previous blog mentioned how I was going to source matching vinyl siding for the shed project while searching Miss Google on the Internet.  I found the original distributor - KayKan - and called them.  They had the product but would only sell to retailers - other than Home Depot. Home Depot do not have, nor can they access the vinyl we require.  I'm OK with that.  I am not a big Home Depot fan.  I prefer to support local owners who still understand quality customer service.  I drove the 5 km to the Irly Bird Home Improvement centre.  The woman who assisted me quickly found the product in their catalogue, made a telephone call to KayKan to confirm that the product was in stock, and I was told the product would arrive at their store by mid to late afternoon, this past Monday.  Yeah!  Order was placed and sure enough, I was able to pick up my siding and accessories later Monday afternoon.  That is service!
 'J ' channel is nailed around the window treatment.
Yesterday (Tuesday) was a perfectly sunny and warm winter day to get working on the shed enveloped.  I enjoyed the warmth of sun and the reasonable winter temperatures of about 6-8 degrees Celsius - 42-48 degrees F.
Corner post nailed in place - starter strip in place too!
Once the corner posts were nailed in place, I cut and secured the starter strip at the base of the shed.  You can't see it in this photo because the first layer of siding is attached. It's an easy process to apply siding once the prep work is completed.

One side finished. 
With the fading light of late afternoon I put the tools away for another day.  That will be today, I hope.  Although I do have an appointment in the morning, I may well be able to put in a couple of hours this afternoon.  It is a lovely winter day here again and the forecast bodes well for the next three days too.  Sun and mild temperatures are in the forecast.  I will get this vinyl siding project completed.
Sitting and waiting for me to get back to work.
To shed some light on this blog, I simply have so little else to write about.  But from some of the comments - and private emails I receive - there are readers out there who enjoy following this build up.  So, hang in!

One month to go before we hitch up and head out!!!  Yeah!!!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Looking nice! definitely worth the effort. Thanks for sharing the complete project with pictures and all it was interesting. Glad the weather is holding so you can finish up before the holidays. Have a great weekend.

  2. Looking good, we too are counting the days especially with the snow storm that has arrived today!

  3. Always cool to see what the handy folks are up to. When it comes to building stuff or home handyman type of jobs I am woefully inept.

  4. a day or week in the life of your shed!..all is blogworthy!!..counting down the days with you!!..our job will be to keep the light on for all of you ones leaving us in the 'dust' or 'snow' or 'rain'!!..have a great weekend!!

  5. I am enjoying this Rene' and I am a girl lol. Can't wait to see it finished.

    Take Care

  6. I certainly am enjoying this ...looking good...been following along since you hauled it home :)

  7. Great job, Rene. I'm enjoying watching you work too! Now, get back out there and finish this job so you can begin packing that 5'er for your trip south!