Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jeanette's Island Visit....and shed update - Part trois....

The BC Ferries Terminal @ Tsawwassen on the mainland
While I was kept busy working on the shed project, Jeanette and friends took advantage of the nice weather to ferry over to Vancouver Island for a visit with another good friend who lives in Ladysmith.
Great day for sailing - last Wednesday.

Jeanette left early on Wednesday morning, dropped by Ione's home, then they both drove to Mariette's home in Delta.  From  there, Mariette's husband Lorne took over the driving duties and got them to the BC Ferries terminal for the 2 hour ferry ride to Duke Point terminal in Nanaimo.
L-R  Gwen (the hostess in Ladysmith) Mariette - from Delta, Ione and Jeanette from Langley, BC.
What about the coincidence that this photo happened to take place at a cash machine?  Yikes!  What were they up to?  Shopping?  You think?

Mariette, Gwen, Steve (Gwen's husband) and Ione.
Chemainus - on the Island - is a great place for Christmas shopping - so I am told!  It is a beautiful island town.
Steve drove the shoppers to Chemainus, a lovely town on the eastern ocean side of the Island.  There were plenty of stores to look into.

FYI:  This town is very, very close to where fellow bloggers, Rick & Paulette's RV Travels 
live when they aren't working on their suntans in Desert Hot Springs, CA. 
I know Jeanette enjoyed being here.  She took more than a few photos!
Check out the wood carvings!
Nice setting!
Great Christmas decorations.
The following day, with Gwen's sister Lynn at the wheel, the five girls left and drove into Duncan to tour the beautifully decorated Christmas stores.  Old Town is a real treat to visit, at any time of the year.
Here is one important photo that Jeanette took of her namesake store in Old town Duncan.
Night shot in downtown Ladysmith - north of Duncan, Vancouver Island.
The girls certainly didn't waste any of their 30+ hours during their visit.  By all accounts, they had a great time.  Thanks to Gwen and Steve for the great hospitality.
These smaller towns sure take pride in lighting up during the festive season.
Great view from the living room in Gwen and Steve's home in Ladysmith.
As the sun was setting, Lynn prepared to drive the three compadres back to Duke Point terminal for the two hour ferry ride back to the Mainland.

Meanwhile, back on the old home turf, I kept busy working to complete the shed exterior project.
Managed to get the front accomplished yesterday.
Yesterday's morning appointment ran a bit longer than anticipated but I did manage to put in a couple of hours with the vinyl siding and finished the front of the shed.  
Looking good from our vantage point.
 I suppose I could just end the work right here.  After all, the shed looks great from any of our windows in the house. The nieghbours to the north and west might have a different opinion though.  Keeping with the tradition of good neighbourliness, I will complete the two unfinished sides.  In fact, I was out there to do just that before starting this blog when the drizzle started.  I'm not keen on working in the rain....nor having my tools sitting out there...when there is no immediate pressure to finish this job. More sun is forecast in the coming days.
Big improvement.
The weather girl is calling for sun later this afternoon and, if so, I would get back out there and put in  a few more hours of work.  If not, I'll call it a day and think about getting back out there tomorrow.
With sunny days forecast ahead, it seemed right to wash the fleet.
Soon to load and soon to head south!  Sure am looking forward to hitching up.
That about colours our most recent activities.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looked like a nice Island visit. Sure some neat shops the ladies checked out. Those little towns do make it feel like Christmas. We enjoyed the pictures. Shed looks great with the siding. We have the wind here in Corona the next couple of days and will be on the cold side tonight, 18 celsius today but going down to 1 celsius tonight. Staying out of the wind and helping Lolita Christmas decorate.

  2. It was great to see Jeanette's photos of Chemainus, Duncan and Ladysmith all dressed up for Christmas. Must have been a fun trip!

    The shed looks great - nice job!

  3. nice that Jeanette got to go on a short girl's trip!..filled with shopping!!..a trip only women would understand!

  4. The shed looks really really great Rene'. Now would you like to come to Dog Pound South and build us one????. I love shopping in Chemanus. we have some very good Friends on the Island we visit at least once a year.

    Take Care