Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shed and Shopping!

I did complete the vinyl siding project and the shed will remain as is till our return in the spring of 2012.  I'm sure the neighbours appreciate the finished look.  But, it isn't completely finished yet!
North side is finished....and garden stuff temporarily placed behind.
View from the north side looking south. Vinyl siding is the same colour and style as the siding on the house.
Our back yard sure has a barren look with all the leaves gone!
Monday was a beautiful day. I managed to complete the west and north side siding job in about 5 hours.  Not bad!

Soffits, eaves troughs, downspouts and a new roof (brown shingles) will be completed next spring.

Final look.
Yesterday's weather delivered a typical winter day here on the coast.  There was a gray cloud cover, it was a bit misty, and there was a light drizzle coming down.  Light drizzle is non invasive.  It's easy to be outdoors and, because of the cloud cover, the temperatures are usually in the +5 to +10 Celsius range (40 - 52 degrees Fahrenheit). Other than the odd winter wind storms, we do not typically suffer from winds here on the Pacific Coast.

Just after lunch, Jeanette and I headed south of the 'Medicine Line' (John & Brenda's Incredible Journey) JB refers to the Canada/US border as the medicine line.

Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham, WA.
We drove into Bellingham, WA, to do a bit of Christmas shopping. Bellingham is a 15-20  minute drive south of the border. Without anything specific in mind, it was just an opportunity to browse the Bellis Fair Mall. 

We walked away with a new pair of shoes for me and a new pair of running shoes for Jeanette.  My shoes (a pair of Rockport walking shoes) were at 1/2 price.  Just last week, we saw the very same pair at 'The Bay' store in Langley, BC,  selling for $160.  I paid $79.  There was a two for one (1/2 price off the  sale price for the 2nd pair of shoes) sale in that very store.  I only needed, or wanted, one pair of shoes so Jeanette went on the hunt and she bought a great pair of Saucony Running shoes - approx.regular price = $69 (on sale retail price of $54) for $27. What a bargain! That's a good saving.

Rockport shoes are one of my favourite brands.  They fit my feet perfectly and I can walk in them all day long.

We headed back home, declared our goods at the border and we were waved on.  What?  We did not have to go into Canada Customs and pay the GST (Goods and Services Tax).  Another saving.  So, some days are just like that!  WOW!

That's it.  Not much else to report.  Thanks for dropping by.


  1. haha good for you..shed looks great and now you have new tax free foot wear to must have been close to coffee break time so they were rushed and just shooed you thru..(pun intended) have a super day

  2. Sounds like a good shopping trip. Sure can't beat that deal, and an outing to boot. I like the Rockport shoes also and agree they are a comfortable shoe. The shed looks great, nice job.

  3. a day filled with great deals!!..the shoes sound like they were worth the trip south of the border!!

  4. Your new garden shed looks terrific - nice job! Soffits and downspouts on a garden shed? That is pretty skookum alright!

    Happy walking in your new Rockports - quite a deal.