Friday, December 30, 2011


Yesirree!  We're ready to roll early tomorrow morning - Saturday.  Sure looking forward to that!
Moved from its locked compound.
The serious work required to check all systems, tires, slides, etc., started in earnest yesterday.  We moved our clothing from the house, packed the galley, loaded the fridge (a tiny bit), sorted the storage areas, and more.  You know the drill!
The motorcycle swivel wheel was moved up from storage area....
....and attached to the fiver.
Ready to close the slides, hitch up and park in front of our home - ready for take off!
Moving clothes!
Galley is sorted and packed to the co-pilot's liking!
The satellite dish and receiver are stored for the journey.
Our son Deni looks on as the motorcycle is warmed up and prepped for loading.
I rode it up the ramps and locked the front wheel into the chalk.
 Those of you who know us well will understand the desire to have our two wheeler with us while we spend the winter months in the sun and blue skies of southern California and Arizona.  The golf clubs are loaded too!  We would not leave without either the bike or the clubs!
Ready for the tie down ratchet straps.
Last winter's experience of driving in heavy rain through Washington State and Oregon, and through the mountain passes into California, created a royal mess requiring detail work to clean the motorcycle.  This year will be different....I trust!
The new travel cover for the motorcycle.
 We purchased another -road style - cover that Jeanette seriously modified.  It was cut up in certain places to allow for the ratchet straps to protrude through the canvas.  She then made great work of attaching some serious straps to snug the cover tightly around the bike.  Eyelets were hammered into the bottom and certain areas were slit and Velcro strips were sewn.  It is a pretty good re-customization job.  Once in northern California, the cover can be removed.  It should keep the motorcycle nice and clean. We'll report on how well it worked!
Now parked in front of our home and ready for Saturday's departure.
Final view following a complete walk about and double check to confirm all systems are go!
Well, two busy days of work and we are now ready to roll.  We look forward to journeying to the land of winter sun, sand, dryness and warmth.  Let the journey begin!
Thanks for looking in!


  1. Only One more sleep... then you're off! Yeehaw! The weather here in Palm Springs has been incredible for the past 5 days or so, and looks like it will continue. where are you headed? We didnt bring our swivelwheel with bike this trip due to our extended planned trip East. But we sure are missing our bike right now!!

  2. Travel safe and we hope to cross trails with you when you wander through Arizona.

  3. I hope you have a safe and fun trip and don't plan on driving long tomorrow with so much traffic on the road for New Year's Eve. Take care.

  4. The Bright's:

    We'll be heading to Moabi Regional Park - south of Needles, CA. A few weeks later we plan to head to Gold Canyon, AZ. From there.....well, it's a plan written in JELLO!


    We'll be in touch before we head your way, on our way to the foothills of Yuma. That's a good month or so from now.

  5. that is one long rig!...have a safe journey as you head south!..another one leaves us in the rain!..we will leave the light on for you!..and we wish you both Happy New Year!!!

  6. Next stop... Warmer climes! Glad to see you on your way!

  7. Pretty exciting stuff - glad to see you're on your way south - the weather's been great.

    Safe travels and have fun.