Monday, December 5, 2011

'Twas The Day to Decorate!

This photo paints the story of our weekend.

When the Christmas music begins to play in the house, I know that Jeanette is in the mood to decorate. That began mid-day Saturday when we brought the tree into the living room and the decorating process began.
It's not quite finished yet....but it's progressing.
 Good thing Jeanette loves to decorate.  I'm more the outdoor type; with responsibility to string the outdoor lights.  I did just that!
Mt. Baker - shot taken from our driveway.
Saturday brought cloud cover and a bit of drizzle but Sunday was picture perfect.  The sun was bright, Jack Frost was evident at sun up but disappeared with the heat of day.  Once Jeanette was satisfied with her Christmas tree decor, we headed for a nice hike on  the trail below.

What a great day to get out and hike in the fresh air!
With the leaves down on the ground, it's easier to find things such as this bird's nest.
We saw a few more folks on the trail today than in the past.  Must have been the sunny, mild temperatures.  Several dogs were walking their handlers.
We came out of the forest edge to this beautiful scenery.
Above is another photo of Mount Baker.  Taken from the trail edge in a meadow, this Washington State volcano shone bright in the late afternoon sun.
We weren't startled but pleasantly surprised to see these two riders come out of one of the numerous horse trails.  The white pony was a bit skittish around  two legged humans (us) and the mom took hold of her daughters horse.  She explained that the pony was new to trail riding.
We continued along the trail.
Jeanette mentioned that the entry gate at the opposite end of our starting point indicated that the gates were open till 7:00 pm.  That triggered my memory and I was sure that the sign posted where we were parked indicated a 5:00 pm closing.  The gate would be locked.  Yikes!  We did not want to be locked in there!  We scooted back for our starting point....and, a good thing too!  The gates did lock at 5:00 pm.  It was 4:45 when we reached our truck.
It was dark when we returned home.  More photos.
The outdoor perspective!
One more from the outdoors.
It's bright and sunny again today.  BONUS!  Once the frost dissipates in the sun, I will return to completing the shed project.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Your Christmas Decorations look beautiful both inside and out. Very festive.

    Take Care

  2. Looked like the perfect day for that hike. Nice Mount Baker picture. The tree looks beautiful.

  3. It looks absolutely beautiful. Makes me a little homesick, this is the very first year we haven't been home for Christmas.

  4. beautiful tree and decor...there is something to be said for being in the stix and bricks for xmas I think...:)

  5. nice job on the Christmas tree, Jeannette..and the outside lights too!..very festive!..I think it is time for us to blow the dust off the Christmas bins and bring them upstairs..maybe on the weekend!!??

  6. Beautiful looking Christmas tree - nice job on the decorating.

    That's a great shot of Mt. Baker. Close call on the truck getting locked in the park, wow!

  7. As much as I love the 25C - 30C temperatures and sunny skies down here in Mexico, part of me missed the winters back home!