Saturday, February 18, 2012

Algodones, Mexico,.... and an Invitation to Dinner....with endless laughs!

7:30 am - Algodones, Mexico
Early Thursday morning had Jeanette and I entering Algodones on our way to my second dental appointment.  We also took advantage to have new lenses ordered for one of my prescription frames.
The artists who work the square are setting up.
It didn't take long before Americans and Canadians flooded the square.
For the uninitiated,  Algodones is famous for its numerous dental, pharmaceutical, liquor and optical services.  The town is pretty well cluttered with these businesses.  There are also numerous t-shirt vendors, jewelery peddlers and some beggars.
Always impressive to watch these accomplished artists work with spray paint cans.
Leather peddlers are numerous too.
One Canadian I spoke with mentioned a place that  offered $.47 (47 cents) Corona beer.  UNBELIEVABLE!  That's cheaper than water!
On our way through the US Border - looking back to the border entrance to Algodones.
Having taken care of our business, Jeanette and I headed back for the border entry back into the US.  The line up was a long one but within 45 minutes, we had been cleared back into the US and quickly made our way to our truck.  We were back in the Yuma Foothills within 30 minutes.

My brother and sister in law's place in Yuma.  L-R Lucky, Hector, Me, Bernie and George.
My brother Bernie, and his wife Rita, invited us and our friends to a dinner of home made chili.  Well, what an afternoon and evening delight that was! A third cousin (that we had only met a few days earlier) George (and wife Mary Anne) attended too.  Nice!
Jeanette took this photo of (L-R)  Trena (Lucky) Rita (Bernie) Mary Anne (George) and Diane (Hector).
Jeanette was able to capture the ladies - inside the wind/sun enclosure - with the guys outdoors, in the sun, on the back patio.  Very cool!
Our hosts prepared a scrumptious chili (salad, desert, libations) that were enjoyed to the fullest.

A lot of laughter too.

The jokes were flying fast and furious!  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  We had no need to walk off dinner.  With so much laughter, we had well exercised out skeletal system.
Lucky(R) digs into the dessert.
No shortage of food at this table.
Before long, the table was cleared and the cards came out.
We finished the evening with a couple card games - intermixed with a whole lot of laughter - before saying our good byes and heading back to our respective RVs.

Bernie and Rita left yesterday, with a group of 36 friends, for San Diego. There they were to board a ship for a planned 10 day cruise down the Mexican Baja, over to the western mainland (Puerto Vallarta), then back again to San Diego. That group of 36 will have plenty of fun......guaranteed!

That sums ups the past couple of days during our stay in the Yuma area.  Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Los Algodones is an interesting place, isnt it? We too were just there for dental work. But we missed out on that 47 cent Corona!

  2. Quick question for you: My Fella and were thinking of checking out Yuma for a month (Feb 23 to March 23)... have you seen many RV spots around the Yuma Foothills available right now? For around $400 for the month?
    Just curious...

  3. Kelsi,

    Yes! We have seen several sites in the Yuma Foothills, offered for $350+. The going rate is between $350 and $375/month.

    You won't have any problem.

    We're here till the end of February, before moving on to the Palm Springs area. Let us know when you get close and we would be happy to walk around and email you some telephone numbers for rental sites.


  4. Never been to Algodones, sure looks like a busy little town. Yuma sure has been a fun winter stop for you both. Looked like a great get together with the family and friends.

  5. Hey thanks for grabbing some contact names/numbers for us. That was so sweet of you!
    We're torn between stopping for a month in Yuma, or continuing west to Temecula, California. But it sounds like we can almost just show up at Yuma Foothills and find something that day. My email address is if you wanna pass on those RV sites.
    Thanks again you guys!