Friday, February 24, 2012

Yuma Activities,... these past few days!

And yet another street fair
On Wednesday, we rolled into downtown Yuma to join RVing friends for lunch and the main street was blocked for another fair.  It is a draw for visitors and the locals.
We were meeting our friends here @ Lutes Casino.  It is a restaurant and pub.  It is not - nor has it ever been - a casino.  So why the name?  Well, history has it that it was the home of illegal gambling (in the basement) in the old west.  Neat place.....and the food - prices too - were good. This place was crammed.  Had our friends not arrived by 11:30 am, we would not have gotten in.  When we left, there was a line up, outdoors, to get in.  It's clearly a popular place.
L-R   Lucky, Hector and Wade.
The restaurant/pub not only has a most interesting history, it is a virtual museum of paraphernalia. 
Wall to wall patrons.....and wall to wall decor.
I had the burger and it was really good!
He is a real living honky tonk pianist!
We're not sure about this guy who came through the ceiling above though!
A cheese burger, with all the trimmings, good honky tonk live entertainment and cheap beer, enveloped in an early western motif,  is a pretty darned good way to enjoy lunch for about $6 per person.

Calexico, California.
Following lunch, Jeanette and I rode west to Calexico.  The photo above sees us riding along the US steel fence that was built to prevent Mexicans from illegally entering the US. We're in the downtown core of Calexico.  Mexicali, Mexico, is on the other side.
Old and new combine to create the makeup of this California city.
US border and immigration building on the US/Mexico border
Typical water tower.
Our return ride eastbound on I-8 from El Centro, CA back to Yuma, AZ.
The California canal - diverted from the Colorado River - and the sand dunes that surround it.
This area attracts sand dune lovers.
 We saw many RVers with trailers full of dune buggies and quads.
Selecting fresh vegetables at this open air market.
Thursday night was ours to host dinner at our RV site.  Our morning started with a drive to a local market in search of some fresh veggies.  We were planning an outdoor burger barbecue. 
Our RVing friends arrived.  It was hot in the sun so we sat on the shaded side of our fiver.
Chico, the Portuguese Water Dog, belonging to Hector & Diane, received a new doggie bandana that Jeanette had purchased in Calexico.
Lucky and Trena did not bring their dog, Jake, along so Jeanette placed the new bandana on Lucky.
It was likely the great oldies music and/or the heat that got Hector and Diane on their feet for a wee dance.
The burgers were ready as night fell.
 We lit a fire and enjoyed our food fare around the flames.  Good banter, jokes, laughs, music, a fire, libation and food, is a great combination for a fun night under the stars.

When the fire died down, we called it a night.
The weather has been heating up these past few weeks.  We've had temperatures topping near the mid-80's.  Very nice!  The evening cool off so it is most comfortable to sleep without ever having to run on the 5th wheel air conditioners

Today calls for another nice, sunny and hot day.  Jeanette is off to shop and browse in Algodonnes with friends and I have some RV duties to attend to, wash our truck and prepare for our afternoon round of golf.

Wishing you all a very good day. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounded a like a great lunch, for a good price and a interesting place to boot. Those warm days and cool evenings are the best. Nice to see you both having such a great winter vacation and fun with friends.

  2. It sounds like you are having fun and geed weather to boot. We always enjoyed Yuma, even with the darn ever present wind.

    Always a good time at Lutes!

  3. Sorry, "good" time. I used to type better when I had to watch the keys.

  4. good times all round!..and dancing under the stars too!!

  5. you guys are having a that casino (not really casino)....nothing better than good food and fellowship..carry on carrying on..:)