Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yuma Musings.....!

Rear view of our spot in Yuma.
I've had some questions from RVers about our spot in Yuma.  We are in the Yuma Foothills area which is separate from the city of Yuma.  Population, of this area, is approximately 35,000 during the snowbird months.
We have 50 amp power and full hookups - sewer too!
Most homes and lots in this area have full RV hookups.  Over the coming days I'll shoot more photos and write a blog that better reflects this area.
For the first time this season, I installed the hitch pin counter balancer.  It's very effective.
Our spot is very private (side and back) with plenty of sun and shade to suit us.
The area is very clean, organized, and quiet.  There is little noise during the night time.  Traffic is light and no one really races going by on the street.
Close up look at our counter balance system for the hitch pin.
Our temporary back yard.
Every morning, while I am enjoying coffee and/or breakfast outdoors, I listen to the soft sounds of 'cooing' doves.  It's pleasant and relaxing.
A 'cooing' dove on the fence.
I spent all day yesterday - with my brother - in Algadones, Mexico.  We enjoyed a few walks around the centre business core, great lunch of enchiladas, more walking, and, finally, a dental appointment that I had been contemplating.  With less than expected people traffic in town, we were able to cross the border back into the US within ten minutes.  It was a nice day spent with my brother....but he had to endure more sitting time, waiting for me, than I had to for him.

While Bernie and I were in Mexico, Jeanette spent the better part of yesterday shopping with Diane in the Yuma area.  They enjoyed lunch out and traipsing through many stores in the area.  She enjoyed herself.....and brought some stuff back to the RV too!!!!!

Jeanette and I will return to Algadones, to order new eye wear, in the week ahead.

Not a whole lot more to report on this blog but that will change.  We are well settled now so the motorcycle will start rolling on new roads and the golfing will resume shortly.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. I (Janna) have had dental work done in Algadones--a root canal (YUCK) and a crown. Have never had a problem with either. Haven't purchased glasses down there. We've spent a lot of time in Yuma but never in the Foothills.

  2. Looks like a wonderful place!!!! Enjoy

  3. Hi Rene, we have bought just about all of our glasses in the past 12 years at Algodones Optical. We have been very happy with them all and have never had a problem. They are in the second block after the crossing on the left in an inside mall. If you ask any of the locals who ask if you need help they will lead you to it (and collect a small reward from the shop).

  4. It's pretty interesting that so many folks have full hookups for RV'ers in that area. You sure seem to have a pretty nice spot.

  5. Croft,

    Thanks for the tip. That may well be the same place we ordered our glasses from last year. We'll check it out.


    Always nice to hear from others who have had positive results in Algadones. In my brother' RV park - with a population of about 2,000, almost all of those folks get their dental done in Mexico. In his 14 years of wintering in his park, my brother has never heard of one bad experience.

    I found the service to be as professional as back home in Canada.

  6. Rene

    Looks like you have a great spot!!!! Could you tell me where similar spots are listed or do you just drive up and down checking for the signs


  7. Jim,

    I have no idea where these spots could be listed. I imagine that if one was to Google 'Yuma Foothills' or derivatives of that, one would find advertised sites.

    Friends of ours, who arrived a few days earlier than us, looked after finding us a spot. Walking around the area today, we discovered two spots for rent @ $350/spot/month - for all hookups. Not a bad price.

    Hope this helps.
    It's a beautiful area.