Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Imperial Dam - Water Diversion - RVing in the BLM lands......and more!

West from the Imperial Dam is the Laguna Dam.
Well, while riding through the south side of the Yuma Proving Grounds, heading west towards the Imperial Dam water diversion project, we continued further west till we came upon this smaller dam.  The Laguna Dam is also part of the Imperial Dam Water Diversion project.  Water is diverted from the Colorado River to quench the thirsty vegetable and fruit lands in the southwest Arizona and southern California regions.
Side view - looking south - of the Laguna Dam.
Along this route one can find some very old RV parks and many other RVers boondocking in the BLM lands.
The Imperial Dam Water Diversion system.
It was quite the engineering feat when, in the 1930's, the dam was built to divert water from the Colorado River.  It resulted in four major canals that divert water every which way it is needed.  Another result is the formation of lakes that dot this area.
They control the water flow directly below where we were standing for this photo.
Standing on the Imperial Dam, looking east toward one of the lakes and Hidden Shores Village RV Resort.
The were a few fishers casting for small mouth bass and catfish that, we are told, can be found in these waters.  It's almost incomprehensible to find lakes in this dry, arid, desert country.  But exist they do!
Impressive engineering, for sure.
One of several RV parks - managed by the BLM parks system.
The lake above is called Squaw Lake Recreation Site.  It is located at the very end of the road that leads north from the Imperial Dam.  With limited RV services (sever, water, electricity), it still proves popular with RVers.

Just to the south is a huge tract of BLM lands with virtually thousands of RVers scattered around.  There are limited services here too, but bathrooms dot the area and there are several dumping stations and fresh water stations.  We witnessed one fella who pulled a small trailer with two tanks that he was using to haul his black and grey water to the dumping station. That is one alternative to moving the RV to the dump station when one needs to empty.
Of interest is the cost per day for RVing on these BLM lands.  $15/ day is required.  That seemed high for limited services when we are paying $13/ day with full services in the Yuma Foothills.  We have all available services imaginable  within a short driving distance.   But to each his/her own.  Many RVers like the boonies while others prefer full services.
A couple of days parked here would be fine.  We're equipped to boondock for a few days....and a site like this could be appealing
Check out the fees.  You don't get much for the dough!  The views are nice though!
We got permissions to drive into the Hidden Shores RV and Mobile Home Resort.  It's quite nice along the lake formed by the Imperial Dam.
The boat docks are nice.  This park appeals to boaters and fishers alike.
A monthly site here, with a lake view lot, costs between $400 and $580/month + electricity. Weekly rates are between $300 and $460, and daily rates run from $56 to $77.  The monthly rate is clearly the favourable route to go here.
A tank near the entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds.
This attack helicopter is at the southern entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds.
Approaching the northern entrance to the Yuma Proving Grounds.
While motorcycling back from the Imperial Dam, we circle around the southern and northern entrances to the Yuma Proving Grounds on our way to Martinez Lake.  It's on the north east side of the Imperial Dam.
This 'yacht' is found near the dock at Martinez Lake, directly in front the of Fisherman's Pub.
We featured this area in one of our blogs last year at about this time.  Suffice it to say that it too is a popular draw for RVers who enjoy fishing and boating.
Our view while having lunch on the outdoor patio at the Fisherman's Pub and Restaurant in Martinez Lake.
Our return led us back to the Yuma Foothills and an invitation to have dinner with RV friends.
Hector and Diane invited us to join them, along with Lucky and Trena (RVers from the Abbotsford/Chilliwack area of BC) for an outdoor dinner.  What a feast they put on.  Lucky and Trena had just rolled in with the Class 'A', from Catalina RV Park in Desert Hot Springs, CA, where they spend most of their snowbirding time.
Hector (L), Lucky (M) and I enjoyed a few laughs before digging in to a great meal.
Hector is busy carving the two chickens they had roasted for the occasion.
The casita, in the lot that Hector, Diane, Lucky and Trena occupy, has an outdoor kitchen.  What a treat that is.

We enjoyed catching up on each others travels and experiences.  A lovely evening it was.

Thanks for dropping by.
A lovely outdoor table setting that had Diane's fingerprints all over it.  Nice!


  1. Looks like you had fun! I wish I could make it out to the desert. Maybe I will one day. I thought that helicopter was flying. I couldn't believe how close it landed to the campground! haha silly me.

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  2. Love the pic of Hectors dog supervising the carving of the chicken.

  3. sounds like yet another great day!..glad you all enjoyed yourselves!

  4. Interesting post about the Colorado River Dams. It's pretty amazing to see how much this entire area depends on the Colorado River.

    Looks like you enjoyed another great day and dinner!

  5. Just another day in paradise :)..looks like you all had a super time...interesting post...on the Dams...

  6. Hi there,
    I just found your blog through Dave and Kelsi's blog. We're heading from Lo de Marcos, Mex. to Yuma next month to see my sister who is in Yuma right now. I'd like to know the name of the rv park you are staying in. You can reply to if you wouldn't mind giving me the info. Btw, I'm Dave's mom!

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