Friday, February 3, 2012

Our Time is Up....and we're soon to roll on to Yuma, AZ

Wednesday on the River.
Wednesday was our last day on the Colorado River this winter.  The waters were mirror calm - ideal up stream paddling for Jeanette and I.  And paddle we did.  We worked our way up stream for over an hour then enjoyed the slow return with the power of the downstream.
Great scene....and Jeanette is truly becoming a good paddler.  We worked well as a team.
We'll return to paddle this river again.  This RV park is unique. It offers full services without the squeezed in feeling that most parks provide.  It's nice to have the freedom to light fires and enjoy the peace and quiet this area offers.
One of the 25 typical RV pods that skirt the western river side.
This has been a wonderful month along the Colorado River between Lake Havasu, AZ and Needles, CA.  The river offered up some really nice calm days to kayak, enjoy riverside walks, fires on the beach in the evening and other activities with birds, boats and float planes.
Enjoying the eastern Arizona side of the Colorado.
We entered one of the many tributaries that dot the rive.  This one ended with a human controlled dike.

Saturday will see us leave this great spot.
We are heading further south towards the Mexican border area in the foothills of Yuma, AZ.  We have a great RV spot in the foothills area waiting for us thanks to friends Hector and Diane who found it for us.  For the uninitiated, the foothills area only permits two RV spots per lot - on average.  The lot we are moving to has room for one RV only.  And we'll be within walking distance to our RV friends who presently occupy a few spots in the area.  We're looking forward to that.
BLM (Bureau of Land Management) lands between Oatman, AZ and Golden Shores, AZ.
Jeanette and I took the motorcycle for one last run in the area.  Today proved to be a great day to run some errands, ride one road we had not been on yet then return on time to attend a large Friday evening fire put on by the Pod 22 RVers.  We were in Pod 22 for two weeks prior to moving to Pod 16.
Standing on the BLM lands.
Jeanette is taking in this incredibly rocky scenery while I determined that I would never haul our 5th wheel into this BLM area.  It would make for a really rough ride....and one that likely would reek havoc with the fiver's springs and shocks. Furthermore, it's over exposed to the fierce northern winds that strike this area every four to five days.
The fissures in this mountain side appear ready to release a huge rock fall.
Entrance to the BLM lands.  From our vantage point - which was difficult to hike - there appeared to be only two RV's (small ones too) occupying the BLM lands.
The beach at Pirate's Cove Resort.
The wonderful club house at El Rio Golf and Country Club that provided several wonderful rounds of golf.
And new found motorcycle friends and the great rides we experienced.
So, we leave this wonderful area with fond memories.  We'll return too.

And we'll remember the wonderful evenings spent with our friends, Hector and Diane, and the live performance we shared with the highly rated 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's star, Frankie Valli at the Edgewater Casino in Laughlin, NV.
Hitch itch has replaced complacency so off we go.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Travel safe and enjoy the Foothills.

  2. safe travels to you both..'see you at the next stop'!!

  3. Itch hitch is striking us all, travel safe.

  4. January was a sure a fun, fast month for the both of you. Looking forward to hearing about your February adventures.

  5. Safe travels to Yuma. You sure made the best of your time in Lake Havasu that's for sure.

  6. Enjoy the foothills, just a great spot to be!

  7. safe safe out there....