Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Not So Sunny Okanagan

Since our arrival in the usually sunny and hot Okanagan, we've had one day where short sleeves were comfortable.  Other than that, we've braved rains, cool windy days...and we've observed plenty of tourists in winter jackets.  Kind of feels like the month of January on the west coast!
Early Sunday afternoon gathering at our RV site.
Ginette, Trevor and Easton were preparing to head back to the coast.
We are saying good bye to Easton following his first ever RV/camping trip.
 After our family and friends left, Jeanette and I hunkered down to the usual routine of reading, walking and planning our activities for the coming days.

Monday had us driving into the city of Kelowna.  Jeanette had to find a fabric store and we needed to re stock some grocery items.
The new bridge that connects West Kelowna to the city of Kelowna.
With the rush hour traffic abated, we had an easy drive into the city.  We found the stores we were interested in, made our purchases and headed back to the RV.
No sightings of Ogopogo - the famed Okanagan Lake monster!
We had plans to meet up with long lost friends and, after working the cell phone, we managed to get our plans in order. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all booked up.
Rain or no rain, Jeanette and I hiked the shoreline of Okanagan Lake....several times.
The cenotaph in downtown Peachland.
 This little town on the lake was founded in 1909 and celebrated its centenary in 2009.  The beachfront is gorgeous and inviting.
Jeanette is keeping a brisk pace to keep warm.
The locals keep telling us how unusual the cool temperatures are for this area.  We can say this; other than walking in the area (at a brisk speed) we have spent more time inside the fiver than out.....and with the heaters on too.
I was booked to golf yesterday afternoon.  It rained hard, most of Monday night, and the winds and rain would not stop.  Golf was cancelled....and the groom - from the weekend wedding we attended - and I chose to postpone the game.
Bob and Sandi (weekend wedded couple) invited us for dinner last evening.  We were so preoccupied with great food, laughter and chat, that we failed to take photos.  Our friends, Garry and Aline, were there too. Lovely dinner....and a great time!  Thanks!
Another Peachland scenic.
Not a lot of boating going on but these hearty sailors were plying the waters.
We do recommend this area to the RVing community.  It is pretty and offers a variety of outdoor activities, including some really outstanding hiking trails into the hills above the lake and the town.
Poppies are popular on the waterfront.
This morning is when we meet with one of our long lost friends.  We'll report later on the visit with Neil, a CBC-TV cameraman who worked on my network TV series, "The Best Years".  He and his wife retired to this area four years back and built a new home on the waterfront.

Neil will be at our RV site for coffee this morning.   Tomorrow noon will see us at their home for lunch.  We are looking forward to both visits.  Neil and I have not seen each other in over 15 years.  Having traveled to several exotic and worldly destinations, during our tenure together, we have a lot to catch up on.

Weather wise, we heard the patter of rain again last night....and we woke up to grey skies with the threat of more rain.  Sure reminds us of our home on the west coast during the worst winter months.  But it is still a lot of fun.....!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. If your friend in Neil Trainer, say "Hi" to him from me. We were in the same class at Kitsalino High School Grad '63. I last saw him years ago in Terrace, BC when he was touring with the NDP leader (probably Dave Barrett) during an election.

  2. Croft,
    It was Neil Trainer I met with for coffee. We drank a few pots of coffee while reminiscing on our past work together.

    He says hi and remembers a 1961 Blue Chevy Impala - four door hardtop - that belonged to your father.

    he will be at the 50th anniversary reunion for your high school group next year.

    I can send you Neil's email. He would love to connect....and he instantly figured out who you were.

  3. Yes, I would like his email. I will email you for it. Yes, dad's Chevy! The stories it could tell!

    It was funny, as soon as you mentioned "CTV cameraman" and "Neil" I knew who you were talking about! Deja vu all over again!

    Thanks for the memories!

  4. Of course I meant CBC! Blasphemy!

  5. happy that the whole family has been enjoying the 'not so sunny Okanagan' haven't missed much here at 'home', anyway!..cloudy rainy..and a bit of blue sky today...I would much rather be where you are than here!

  6. Hope your weather improves soon... We have had a bit of rain lately, but at least we are warm!