Saturday, July 14, 2012

After The BIG Surprise, it's back to routine....sort of !

We have not had a lot of time for blogging, these past few days.  Not sure why!  We seem to keep busy with stuff.

Jeanette with Easton....watering the newly poured keep it from  curing quickly
Ginette and Trevor are building a garage at their home.  The other day, cement placers came by to pour the new garage floor and sidewalks.  With these hot temperatures, it's important to wet the cement down once in a while during the curing process.  Makes for better concrete, so I'm told!
Easton is enjoying this.  Perhaps the back spray felt good on him on a hot day.
Nana then had to teach him a thing or two about plants and flowers.  I'm sure he'll remember it all.  But hey, it's fun being outside and watching/learning about all of this new stuff.

Happy to see his dad, Trevor.
Jeanette was babysitting Easton on Friday.  He's such a happy go lucky little fella.  Nothing much seems to bother him.  But when his mom or dad walk in, and he hears their voices, look out!  He's quick to look around till he can see them.
Barb and Jeanette - busy with wedding planning stuff.
Barb is our daughter in law to be, Courtney's mom.  She came over to spend the better part of the day doing some wedding stuff with Jeanette.  Deni and Courtney are getting married this September.  It appears the two moms were busy making shawls for all the women who will be attending the 'open air' wedding on the Vancouver waterfront.
DOOR OPEN - Easton's three wheeler, our two wheels, and our four wheels.  All neatly parked in the garage.
 I'm not sure why Jeanette took these two garage photos but Easton will enjoy seeing this in the future when it will mean  something to him.
Well, there you have it.  A short blog about little.....cause there just ain't much else to talk about.

All is well.
Waking up from a nap!
The weather continues to provide us with nice sun and hot temperatures.  No complaints!  I prefer this to the alternative.

Other than being busy building fence, some chores around the house, oil change on the motorcycle, a few rides in the area, the usual shopping and golf, there is little more to add. 

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. sounds like our time too!!..Easton is getting so big!..enjoy the nice weather!!

  2. Easton is a darling...its so nice to get to spend time with them and watch them grow up..they grow up too fast...enjoy the great weather!

  3. I sure like Easton's wheels. Years from now when he looks at those pics I'm sure he'll be telling his school friends "yeah, my grandpa and grandma were bikers"!!

    Great pic of Easton standing on the counter smiling at Trevor.