Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Little Hike....

An empty picnic facility on the Rockin' Horse Hiking Trail
Monday had us taking a 90 minute hike.  Although a Canadian holiday, very few folks were seen or heard during our outing.  The picnic facility - above - was completely underutilized but, that will change with summer finally about to happen.  Yes, the weather girl finally announced that the coming days will bring sun and heat.  Yeah!
Interesting forest layout.
We hiked up and down, into and out of heavily forested areas and into open meadows.  We felt a few sprinkles of rain but umbrellas were not required.
The birds were making themselves heard.  Wonderful to listen to them go about their business in the thicket.
Wild salmon-berries were ready for the taking.  Hmmm....mmm...good!
I'm not sure what these berries are and I didn't venture a taste either.  They were pretty though.
We worked our way around to this small waterfall and listened to it fall into a stream below
Running water is always a pleasant and relaxing sound.
Jeanette observes the water as it makes its way below this bridge.  The stream makes its way to Pepin Brook.

This large mushroom was found near the roots of a dead tree.
We did encounter a few folks who were out walking their dogs.  Other than that, the trails was very much our own.  Below, Jeanette takes a break....or rather waits for me to complete taking some photos before we pressed on. 
 We came out of the forested area and found ourselves in an open meadow.  I have always liked the look of these fences so, I took the photo below.

All farmers hate the plant above.  It's Canadian thistle.  Farmers spend fortunes trying to rid this weed from their grain fields.  I, on the other hand, thought the flower looked quite nice.  It was found on the edge of the trail.
Easton and his mom dropped by for a Tuesday visit.
Easton, along with his mom and dad, was up in the Caribou country of central BC this past weekend.  He was camping with other families and kids.  He had his mom take him over to grand papa and nana's house for a much needed visit.  It's always a treat to see the little fella.

Jeanette and I will have the motorcycle out this weekend......for sure!
Today is our regular men's golf day.  We tee off this mid-afternoon.  Sure looking forward to the game and to some long desired heat and sun.  Hurray for that.  The rest of the week is calling for sun, sun and more sun.  What' s not to like about that.


Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Glad to see your weather is improving! Enjoy it! Easton sure is growing...

  2. summer is coming!..whoohoo!!..another great hike in your neighborhood!

  3. In our part of the world those are called worm fences?? maybe because they zig and zag??

  4. great looking day for a hike for sure...Easton is really growing fast..what a cutie

  5. Looked to be a great hike for you and Jeanette.

    The sun is shining this morning - yahoo!!

    Easton's getting to be a big boy!!

  6. Sure a beautiful hike. Glad summer is finally arriving for you guy's should make for a fun weekend of riding enjoy.