Friday, July 20, 2012

No Blog Writing....No Blog Reading....Due To A Busy Week !

Rick, Denis, Phil and Me!
What's with the photo you ask?  Last Sunday was to be a surprise retirement party for good friend Denis (2nd from left in photo above).  So, the guys got together and took Denis for a round of golf last Sunday morning.  While there, his wife Odette was sent to a local spa while daughter Sophie prepared the surprise retirement party.
While nearing the end of our golf round, Jeanette took some early photos at Denis and Odette's home.
There was a good gathering of folks waiting for our foursome to complete our golf round.  I offered to drive Denis back home and when we turned the corner to his home he wondered why there were so many cars parked on the block.  WELL.....that was soon answered.
Yep!  He was surprised to find his back yard with many familiar faces.
 Odette had arrived home a bit earlier and she too was surprised to find a house and yard full of friends.
Odette, fellow golfer Phil, and Denis/Odette's daughter and party fixer, Sophie!
Denis recently sold his business and has retired.  The gathering of folks enjoyed a lovely afternoon of fun and follies but I think Odette and Denis were the most overjoyed of the bunch.
Rick, Jeanette, Denis, Marc, (Denis/Odette's grand child) Diane (Phil's wife), Chris, Odette, Me and Phil.
Sophie made sure the neighbourhood understood what the party was for.
Are they preparing to repave our street?
Early this week this large paver eater (as I like to call them) was dropped off on our avenue.  We thought the municipality was going to repave our street.  It would not have hurt!  That was not to be though.  The street further east was the target.  I guess we'll have to wait our turn.  Our street is OK but there are signs of wear and tear that necessitate a re-do in the future.
One day later - it's job completed - the paver eater was loaded and off it went.
Teeing off at our regular Wednesday men's golf round.

 The weather has been great for our group of 16 golfers.  We play every Wednesday afternoon.  That has been our tradition for the past 20 years or so.
The second foursome awaits the first group's send off.  The links await!

A late evening shot of hole No 1.  Beautiful!
Thursday called for another round of golf...only this time we headed for Marysville, WA, in the US of A.  The course is five star. I was too busy and focused on trying to play this most difficult course so the camera stayed hidden throughout the round.  Suffice it to say that it was a fantastic day on the links.  Eaglemont GC is rated in the top 10 public golf courses in Washington State.  It's not only challenging with difficult slopes and lies (it's quite mountainous) it's a beauty in the wilderness.

Soon to cross the border into the USA.
Jeanette and I had not seen Easton in a few days but we were nicely surprised this morning when Easton asked his mom to text message a photo to his Nana and Grand Papa.  Yep!  We were quite pleased with his text message.
Cute photo.....if I dare say so!
It's been a silly busy week....but that is not a complaint!  It's a gift!  The blog writing and reading suffered but, with the rains beating down on the roof today, I managed to catch up on missed blogs.

We are gearing up for a very busy weekend.  We have friends and family coming over.  More on that once the house returns to calmness and quiet.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. isn't retirement wonderful!!! Have a super definitely had a great week!!

  2. Easton is getting so big..what a cutie

  3. You sure have had a couple of great surprise birthday parties lately.

    Glad to see you are getting in a lot of rounds of golf.

  4. enjoy your weekend!!..we are off to the great USA for a couple of weeks!..
    Easton is darn cute already!!

  5. Looked like a great retirement party for your friend and how nice it's been to have the two parties go off so well in the surprise dept. Nice to see you have been enjoying the great golf weather also. Easton sure has been growing, nice picture of him.