Saturday, September 8, 2012

Anniversary and a Sleepover

I knew Jeanette was up to something when, a few days back, she mentioned that I could not book any activities for Thursday.  She had the entire day planned!  OK, thought I, it's our anniversary that day, so she's up to something.  She is a planner.  I can often guess at what she's up to but she had me stumped on this one
We attended this original Broadway Musical at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre - Vancouver.
Sure enough!  Jeanette said we had to be at our friends' home (Lorne and Mariette) for 12:30 pm.  They would be joining us for our drive downtown and a surprise afternoon out.  OK, thought I....I'm up for this!  So, off we went.  It was then that I was informed of our tickets to take in the musical.  Yeah!  I really like the music of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.  In fact, we had the opportunity to see Frankie in concert - live - last January in Laughlin, Nevada.
For details on our impressions of his live performance in Laughlin, Nevada, click on the highlighted  link:  RV Voyageur: New RV Spot & Frankie Valli....
To now learn about his life's story (and the three other Jersey boys) was something I was looking forward to.
We arrived at Lorne and Mariette's home and shared a brief visit before driving to downtown Vancouver.
The theatrical musical was FANTASTIC!  What a treat that was!

Enjoying a fantastic dinner hosted by Lorne and Mariette.
Our friends also hosted us at their home that evening. Dinner was an awesome barbecue of ribs and the other foods to compliment it.  What to say?  It was a wonderful day - spent being entertained and with good friends to share in the fun.  Thanks for joining in on our special day and for hosting such a great meal.
A toast to the hosts.....and to us!
Daughter Ginette had made plans to have Easton sleep over at our home on Friday night (last night).  Yesterday was her husband Trevor's birthday.  Like her mom would do, she planned a surprise evening that Trevor would only discover was happening in the evening when they drove Easton to our home.
Jeanette had a little birthday cake for Trevor.....
With only a few minutes to spare, Ginette informed Trevor (who is a licensed motorcyclist) that they were heading off to dinner but their ride was to change.  She had brought his leather jacket, riding boots and helmet over (her stuff too) and that they were taking our motorcycle out for the evening.  Dinner plans had been set for The Boathouse on the beach in White Rock.  The weather was perfect for an evening ride.
Geared up and ready to ride off.
Trevor had a huge smile.  He loves to ride....but does not presently own a motorcycle.  He has some off road toys (quad and off road motorcycle) but a road cruiser ride is something he enjoys too.  It was our pleasure to lend our ride for the evening and Saturday. 
Saying good bye to Easton and his Nana, Jeanette.
Ginette also had another surprise for Trevor.  Saturday morning (as I write this blog) they are to motorcycle out to North Vancouver and hike the Grouse Grind.  That is one tough climb up to Grouse Mountain.  They have done it often enough and this kind of activity is right up their activity level.  They love this type of challenge.   Grouse Mountain - The Peak of Vancouver
A long lens shot as they rode off.
So, while Ginette and Trevor were off enjoying the weekend rides, dinner and hike, Jeanette and I could spend some quality time with Easton.  That is a treat....anytime!

 Following a good feed last evening, Easton was quick to sleep.
We thought we would be up once or twice in the night to answer Easton's call (or whimpers) but that was not to be.  Jeanette did get up once in the night to check on him and he was sound asleep.

I woke up at 6:45 am and when I checked on Easton, he was awake but calm and smiley.  Once he saw me though, he was quick to want to get up, changed and fed.  I was up for that!
Here he is - all smiles following a fresh diaper change and good bottle feed.
We have Easton for the day, today.  It's shaping up to be a good day to get him out and about for some walks and interaction with nature.  Easton's mom and dad will return this late afternoon to retrieve him  but, in the meantime, his Nana is busy spoiling him.  That's just the way it should be!

Wishing you a good weekend.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. happy belated anniversary to the two of you..and also happy birthday to Trevor!..sounds like you are all enjoying the celebrations!!

  2. I'm not sure where to even start here as you've got so many great events packed into this blog.

    First though - Easton's sleepover has to be a big treat for you guys. Sure glad to see that big happy smile from him in the morning.

    Congrats on your anniversary too and what a great way to celebrate going to the Jersey Boys show. Jeanette really knows how to put on a surprise party!

    Happy Birthday to Trevor and I'm sure they'll have a great dinner and climb up the Grind.

    Finally, great header photo - very nice!

  3. Happy anniversary Rene and Jeanette! How fun to have that precious grandbaby for an overnight!

  4. Happy Anniversary Rene and Jeanette.

    Jersey Boys was one of the shows we wanted to see in London but we ran out of time.

    Easton is so sweet. Lucky to have him over night but I am sure you will need a rest when he goes home.

    Take Care

  5. Happy anniversary!!!! To you both....Easton is a darling is he ever growing....enjoy your time with him....take care

  6. A little behind as you know, but our belated Happy Anniversary wishes to you both. Sounded like a good time seeing Jersey Boys with the company of good friends on your special day. Ginette like her Mom sure puts together some great surprises. Nice picture of Easton with Grandpa.