Monday, September 24, 2012

Anticipation, Planning, The Event...and Then It's All Over!

Although I had wished to write a blog or two, these past several days, that proved difficult to do with a house full of guests, a few parties to host, several airport pickups, a wedding to attend to, a post wedding party....and a whole host of other duties.  Most days were just too compressed with activities and when I did find a bit of time to break away from family and friends, I was just too tired to write.  This past week was a whirlwind of long days and short nights.
Deni and Courtney arrived from Edmonton a week ago, Sunday.
All the business centered around last Friday's, September 21, wedding for our son, Deni and his spouse to be, Courtney.  With over 130  attendees, we were busy with a lot of hosting duties.  That began in earnest with the pre-wedding party we hosted at our home, following the wedding rehearsal on the waterfront in downtown Vancouver last Wednesday.
Three sisters:  Darlene, Jeanette and Deb.
Jeanette, with helpers, got busy with preparing several vats of chilly to feed the large group that would congregate at our home on Wednesday night last.
Sure smelled good.....and it tasted great!
With the chilly then warming and slow cooking in large pots, we drove to the Kitsilano Brock House, on the Vancouver waterfront, for the wedding rehearsal.
It was a lovely, late afternoon, gathering where the minister guided us through our roles.
We did the walk, as told, and shared some laughter as we enjoyed the lovely Vancouver harbour.
Walk the walk!
Courtney's brother, Matt, Courtney and mom, Barb.
Once the minister was satisfied with our performance, we drove back to our home in Langley where the pre-wedding party began in earnest.  What fun!
Everyone was hungry so we dug into the chilly.
Both families had the opportunity to get to know each other.
What a fun evening.  The pre-wedding party allowed both families to become well acquainted with each other.  It sure goes a long way to warming the spirit of the event to come.
Courtney's mom Barb with an aunt who traveled from Holland.
As expected, Jeanette's chilly (made with the assistance of brother in law, Bob, from Calgary) was just the ticket to satisfy a hungry crowd.  The numerous libations helped too.
Enjoying the evening.
Courtney's family - Cousin, Mom and brother.
L-R (Members of my family)  Karen, Jared, Shania, Paulette, Suzie, Tina, Jamie, Brad, Jeanette and I. My family traveled from the Province of Alberta.

Friday morning:  Jeanette and I ready for wedding.
Friday had us get ready to drive to the Granville Island Hotel, in Vancouver, to meet up with the wedding party.  We arrived near 1:00 pm on Friday afternoon where we joined our son and the  guys to get ready for their 6:00 pm wedding, dinner and dance.
Front of the Granville Island Hotel.  Jeanette waits for me to park the vehicle....and take this photo.
We met up with Deni, Trevor, Matt and the other members of the wedding party.   All were busy with getting dressed before meeting together with the photographer.
Deni puts the final touches together as his brother in law, Trevor, looks on.
Deni with his mom.
Dad and Deni relaxing together.
Deni's sister, Ginette, drops by for a first look and a big hug.
We left the hotel rooms and waited by the waterfront in False Creek - on Granville Island - for Courtney and her entourage to arrive.  Deni was to be blind folded for Courtney's arrival.
Ginette prepares to place the blind over Deni's eye.
Ready for the bride's arrival.
Before long, Courtney arrived while Deni waited to see what his lovely bride would look like.
Courtney looked absolutely lovely!
Was Deni surprised?  Oh YES!  Pleasantly so!
After a kiss and good look at his wife to be, Deni and the group followed the photographer to numerous locations for desired photographs.
The rest of us drove to Brock House where guests were arriving for the wedding ceremony, to be followed by a sit down dinner, speeches and dance.

Because this blog would run too long, I chose to show a few photos of the formal evening now and to follow up with a more substantive blog, on the formal wedding itself, in the days ahead.
Matt, Courtney and they proceed to the waterfront setting for the exchange of vows.
The following are a few of the photos taken once the official ceremony was completed.
Signing the wedding registry
Ginette witnesses the event.
Matt concurs and agrees to sign as a witness too.

A photo of our family
It was a perfect evening for a wedding.  Jeanette and I marveled at how beautiful the event was, how well everyone enjoyed themselves and at how well the entire event played out.  More of that - in much greater detail - in the next blog.  I will focus on the formal evening and the post wedding stay tuned!

And, to Courtney and her family, it's a pleasure to have you join our family.  We feel very blessed.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Beautiful wedding, beautiful setting. Good looking family Rene!

  2. Just beautiful. The black and white theme is so striking. Lovely couple.

  3. Beautiful looking wedding Rene'. Nice picture of the family. Am glad the weather and everything all worked out so well for you.

  4. What an awesome looking wedding, Rene and Jeanette. The bride and groom looked just stunning - as did you and Jeanette.

    It's no wonder you couldn't blog all week, it seems you were either eating or enjoying a beverage most of the time - it's hard to type when your hands are full, right?

    What a great pic of your family!

    And, just about forgot - Congrats to the bride and groom!!

  5. what a lovely wedding!!..and a nice looking family! all 'clean up very well'

  6. Oh my what a great week you and your family have had. You all look stunning especially the bride.

    I can't wait for more pictures.

    Take Care