Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The 2nd BIG EVENT In Our Lives This Year!

By way of explanation, the title for this blog reflects our son and new daughter in law's wedding, this past Friday, September 21.  The first big event of the year was the birth of our first grandchild, Easton Biro, this past April 10, 2012.
Courtney and Deni  -  September 21, 2012 
Easton - Born April 10, 2012

We have a lot to be thankful for!

The Wedding:     The previous blog focused on the pre-wedding events and a bit on the wedding itself.  This blog will focus on the wedding and post wedding events.  There are numerous photos in this blog.....and, trust me, I did edit several hundred out!.

So many family and friends came to share Deni and Courtney's special day.  The Vancouver waterfront was an idyllic location.  History | Brock House Restaurant
Exchanging vows!
 Two families merge. 
The Masters of Ceremony:  Cara and Brad (from Edmonton, Alberta)
With her father's recent passing and her mom's inability to travel, Jeanette's parents were present - with this photograph at our table.
The reception, held at the Brock House restaurant, included a sit down dinner.  Each guest was offered one of three entrées.  The food  presentation and quality was top class.
Deni and Courtney express their sentiments and thank yous.
MC's, Cara and Brad kept things moving along - with humour and tact.
Deni, Ginette and Trevor
Brad, Jamie and Darlene.
Sisters, Deb and Jeanette.
Good friends:  Rick, Denis and Odette
Good friends:  Mariette and Lorne (hidden from view)
Deni's boss, Jim and his wife, traveled from Edmonton for the occasion.
Aline and Garry made good on the MC's directive to get the bride and groom to kiss.
To get the bride and groom to kiss, guests had to come up front and emulate the method.  That was great fun.....and Aline and Garry stole the show!

The example!
The emulation!
Deb, Deni, Bob and Jonathon (Aunt, uncle and cousin from Calgary, Alberta)
Life long friends & former neighbours - David, Deni and Chris
Life long friend, Jesse
Deni with mom and family friend, Aline
R-L   Lorne, Gwen, Steve, Garry and Aline
Son & mother dance
Life long friends:  Steve, Deni and Gwen
Coutney & Deni take to the floor
Deni & sister, Ginette lead a dance number
Taking a break from the action.
The photos tell the story so there is little to add in writing.  Suffice it to say that it was a great evening of fun, friendship and celebration.  The 130 attendees were a joy to have join us to share this fine day.
About ready to leave the event.
THE DAY AFTER: An Open House

Jonathon looks in on his dad, Bob, as he prepares some libation for the crowd to come.
R-L:  Karen, Tina, Shania and Deb pitched in to prepare food trays for guests.
Karen, Jared and Tina prepared some nice trays.
Brad worked his magic with a watermelon, after Jeanette detailed how she wanted it carved!  Deb, Darlene and Jared keep a watchful eye on his work.
The result of all that cooperative work.
Ready for guests.
From 1:00 pm onwards, on Saturday, September 22, family, friends, neighbours and more dropped by to share some time with Deni and Courtney. It was an informal affair.
Deni exchanges banter with his cousin, Brad.
Long time former neighbours, Al (L) and Joan (2nd from right) got to meet Courtney and share some time with Deni too.
Fairly relaxed group
The renovated sun room came in handy too.

Late in the day, Deni and Courtney loaded up in preparation for their Gulf Islands trip to Galiano Island for a few days or R&R.
My sister, Paulette, spent some one on one time with Easton.
Sunday, Sept. 23, was spent lazying around the house, followed by a short drive to White Rock beach for a walk along the seaside.  Sister Suzie, Tina and sister Paulette enjoy a relaxed stroll.
Jonathon, Ginette, Trevor (pushing Easton) Karen and Jared enjoy the promenade on White Rock beach.
A view taken from the long pier that dots out from White Rock beach,
While some of us were walking the beach, Jeanette and her sister Deb were preparing this salmon and other goodies for the barbecue dinner we would be serving that evening.

Monday morning saw the last of our visitors leave for their respective flights back to their homes.  Jeanette and I started the cleanup process with large mounds of laundry calling for a washing machine and dryer.

While she was managing the indoor stuff, I cleaned and straightened up the 5th wheel and stowed those items that need stowing.  I made arrangements to take the 5th wheel to the local RV service centre this Thursday to have the bearings re-packed and the brakes checked out.  Following that, it will be returned to its hiding place next to our home. We are planning our snow birding adventure and anticipate leaving this December 30th, once our Christmas duties are completed.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. What a wonderful event, you have much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing!

  2. A beautiful ceremony and a handsome couple. Great pictures too.

  3. congratulations...the pictures are gorgeous...looks like everyone had a great time..congrats to your son and new daughter in law :) Easton is sure you need to get some rest!!!! you definitely earned it...

  4. Wow - now, that's what I call a spectacular wedding, reception and day after party!

    Your entire family and friends looked so happy in the photos it was fun going through them all.

    I think you and Jeanette will most likely need a bit of R&R to get over all the excitement and unavoidable nervousness that comes with these huge events.

    Well done!!

  5. what a lovely wedding and party after! happy that the weekend and all the work was so worth it!!..congrats to the happy couple..may they have many years of happy, wedded bliss!

  6. Very nice Rene, everything looked to come together perfectly. Beautiful picture of the families together. What a GREAT YEAR in your and Ginette's lives, so happy for you both.

  7. Wasn't that a party! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun and the day will be remembered for a long time. Congratulations!

  8. Very nice looking salmon by the way!