Thursday, September 6, 2012

Summer do related Activities!

Our great weather continues to impress!.  It's sunny and warm - almost perfect temperatures.  What's not to like about that!
L-R -  Courtney, Trevor, Easton, Ginette and Deni
Taken last Sunday, the photo above had Courtney and Deni flank Trevor, Easton and Ginette when we were at Ginette and Trevor's for Sunday dinner.  That evening, Courtney and Deni were flying back home to Edmonton, Alberta.

We were clearly occupied with chat and good food because neither Jeanette or I took  photos of the meal.
Sister and brother always tease each other - always have - always will!
Ginette and Deni always have a 'GO' at each other.  It's fun to witness!  We're never surprised when they tease each other.

Following an early evening dinner, we drove Deni and Courtney to the Abbotsford Airport for their return flight.
Cultus Lake - Monday (Labour Day)
Jeanette and I had planned to pack a lunch and ride out to Chilliwack Lake.  It's a lovely mountain surround lake at the extreme end of of the Fraser Valley but on the Chilliwack River side of the canyon.  It's a beautiful ride.

That did not materialize.  Following a few telephone calls and one, in particular, that took a fair bit of time, we opted for a shorter ride to Cultus Lake.
Typical lake based activities.
 Although we thought the lake would be extremely busy, only a few boats were pulling skiers and wake boarders.  It was clear that with school starting the next day, most families had already headed home. 
The lake shore in the Provincial Park had a few brave swimmers testing out the cold water.
We found a nice spot to enjoy our lunch while taking in the sights and sounds of the last family oriented long weekend of summer.
Early afternoon had the beach clearing as families packed up and left.
After exhausting our stay at the Provincial Park, we headed back for home taking a completely different route through the cornfields and vegetable farms in the Fraser Valley.
Thoughts on the back yard pond.
Trevor dropped by with Easton and we spent some considerable time chatting up the re-do of our back yard pond.  Although an attractive backyard feature, it's evident that the pond needs to be raised, a new liner has to be installed and we would like to include a waterfall feature.  The existing pond is fine but because it was built at grade, silt and sand from rains drains into the pond and that requires regular clean up.  In order to end that, building the pond up by another 8-12 inches would solve the problem.  Hence, another back yard 'bucket list' project for the future.

While Trevor, Easton and I were attending to the pond ideas, electrician Mathew was busy completing the electrical updates we had planned for the sun room and for the RV.  He installed a new 30 amp receptacle for our 5th wheel (and RV visitors) at the front of our home and a new 15 amp receptacle at the back corner of the house where we plug in to keep the RV batteries charged when not in use.
Pagoda Ridge GC
Yesterday (as with all Wednesdays) was golf day.  Little more need be said.  Hard to beat an outing on the links, in great weather and with like minded guys!

And that's our update for the time being.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Looked like a very nice weekend and being with the kids always seems to make it that much better. Nice picture of all of them together. Enjoyed the Cultus Lake pictures also.

  2. glad you are enjoying the time with all your kids!..Cultus Lake?..we haven't been there in a few years..maybe it's time for a drive?

  3. As usual, you've been very busy with family fun, projects, sight seeing and, of course, golf.

    We've never been to Cultus Lake but from your photos it sure looks like a nice place.

    I don't envy you that pond job - they are pretty messy and awfully hard but it would be nice to get rid of the silt problem.