Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Start To The Labour Day Weekend!

With Labour Day weekend beginning, it was nice to complete the 'French Door' renovation, ready for a motorcycle ride with fellow RVers, pick up Deni & Courtney at the airport, and enjoy some family time and dinner too.
Nana, Easton and Ginette
Easton and Ginette dropped by for a brief visit and to check out the completed 'French Door' install and reno.That was this past Thursday before Jeanette and I prepared to leave for a mid-afternoon memorial for the son of our good friend.  He died during a cliff jump in Anderson Lake - north of Whistler, BC.  It was a well attended but extremely sad event.  To lose a 27 year old son is unimaginable.
Easton gave his OK too.  He enjoyed the improved sun room. 
Friday was dedicated to joining RV friends, Trena and Lucky, for a ride through the Fraser Valley, into Harrison Mills and the beautiful Rowena's Inn, located at the Sandpiper Golf and Country Club.
Following coffee on Trena & Lucky's patio, we prepared to head out.
Trena and Lucky live out in the country between Abbotsford and Chilliwack.  We met at their farm before heading out.
Lucky lead for the first part of the ride to Ryder Lake in the east Fraser Valley.
Making our way towards Harrison Hot Springs area - northbound over the Fraser River.
The beautiful drive into Sandpiper Golf & Country Club.
Riding up to Rowena's Inn - in the photo above - you can see the mountain that separates Harrison Mills from Harrison Hot Springs.  The body of water is the Harrison River, a desired salmon fishing spot for eagles during the early fall salmon spawning season.
Lucky & Trena:   Lunch was ordered and we enjoyed the beautiful grounds that surround the area.
Although dressed for riding, it got quite hot sitting in the sun.
Lovely place....well worth a visit!   Fraser Valley Golf, Vancouver, BC - Sandpiper Golf Resort - Golf Resort, Bed & Breakfast, Eagle Viewing, Vancouver 2010
We took a nice walk around the area, following lunch.  Golfers were busy trying to improve their handicaps while other languished around the lunch tables enjoying the views.

A view of the Harrison River from the front of Rowena's Inn
Trena and Jeanette took a walk inside the Inn and restaurant while Lucky and I headed closer to the golf course pro shop.
Beautiful decor.

Beautiful restaurant that caters to golfers and non-golfers alike.
Ready to head off westward on Highway 7 towards Mission/Abbotsford area.
While waiting for Jeanette to make her purchases, Lucky and I sat in the shade and, within minutes, he recognized a friend.  The three of us chatted till the girls had completed their purchases.
Suited up after a nice lunch, we headed west on the north side of the Fraser River.  A brief stop at Lepps's Farm Market (Abbotsford) was required to purchase our favourite frozen beef burgers.
Heading south along Clearbrook Road.
We followed Trena & Lucky down Clearbrook Road towards 16th Avenue where we said our good byes.   They headed east and we headed west back for home.  We plan to get together for another ride in the weeks ahead....when another beautiful/sunny day presents again.
Jeanette and I returned home in plenty of time to ready some fresh salmon for dinner.  Deni and Courtney were flying in from Edmonton and joining Trevor, Easton, Ginette and us at our home for dinner.
Easton arrived early with his mom and dad in tow.
Easton came to have a visit with grand papa and nana before the others arrive from Edmonton.  We had a nice visit.  I then left for the Abbotsford Airport to collect Deni and Courtney.
Courtney was quick to collect Easton and share some face time.

Deni and mom! 

We sure enjoyed the family get together and dinner.  

Courtney's mom came by to collect Deni and Courtney on Saturday morning.  They had some errands to run and some final details to look into for their upcoming wedding, this September 21 on the Vancouver waterfront.  

We are getting together at Ginette, Trevor and Easton's house this afternoon (Sunday) for a barbecue before Deni and Courtney head off to the airport for their return flight to Edmonton.  They will return in mid-month for their wedding.

It continues to be a wonderful long Labour Day weekend.  We hope you are all enjoying it too.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Easton is getting to be a pretty big boy and looking great!

    Very nice photos from your visit to Harrison Lake - quite the joint!

    I'll bet that salmon bbq was good.

  2. Wow... what a ride. Great spot to visit! Good to see you enjoyinhg time with family!