Friday, September 14, 2012

Readying For Visitors and Our Son's Wedding!

It has been a week  of completing small tasks around the house in preparation for welcoming numerous out of town visitors, who will join many family and friends, to celebrate our son's wedding one week from today. 

All the required preparations have long been in place.  Deni and, daughter in law to be, Courtney, have done an amazing job with the planning. We plan to receive about 130 attendees at the wedding this September 21, 2012, on the waterfront, in Vancouver.
Easton came by for a visit and - other than being consumed with teething - we got to enjoy a bit of the golf channel together.
So with a fair bit of shopping done - groceries and things -  house and yard cleaning done, we are ready to receive the first of many guests, starting tomorrow (Saturday).  Jeanette's sister Deb, along with husband Bob, are driving out from Calgary, Alberta.
Easton is up for a nice walk in the neighbourhood.
 Deni and Courtney will drive out from Edmonton, Alberta, on Monday.  Friends of theirs will start arriving every day after that.  A pre-wedding party is planned for our home mid-week before the wedding party heads for a downtown Vancouver hotel to ready for the Friday wedding.
Jeanette takes first dibs on pushing the stroller.
Although not evident in this photo, Trevor has this wonderful ability to make Easton laugh out loud simply by looking at him and saying  a few words.  It's hilarious!
We did have the time to hike at a local park and enjoy the outdoors in a very quiet environment.  This park tends to be busy on weekends but it's pretty well ours during the weekdays.
Jackets are required for early morning starts but they are quickly removed once the sun peeks through the forest and the temperatures rise. 
We are experiencing great fall weather on the coast.  The evenings are mild and the daytime heating can easily reach 25 degrees Celsius.  No complaints on that front.
The berry crops are still producing
Early signs of fall.
Although still early for fall leaves to drop from the trees, there is evidence of colour changes.  Fall is a nice time of the year but, for me personally, it signals the desire to begin preparations for our winter RV getaway to the US southwest.  That preparation will begin in earnest following the wedding.

Speaking of RV preparations, ours will be pulled out of its compound, from the side of our home, to be used as accommodations for two nieces and their children who are traveling from Alberta to attend the wedding.  Before they get to use it though, some pre-wedding guests (attached to the wedding party) will use the 5th wheel for sleeping accommodations while at our home for the mid-week party.  Others will fill the bedroom spaces in our home.  It will be a full house!
Mid-week and the picnic tables sit unused in a park off the hiking trail.
 Early evening shot. 
That sums up our past several days.  We look forward to the days ahead when our normally quiet house will be alive with people and activities.  Bring it on!  We're ready!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. wow you have a full week ahead of you..sounds like our place...have a wonderful wedding!!!! Enjoy your family and friends and I can't wait to see pictures....

  2. Sounds like it's going to be a very busy, fun and exciting week for you and Jeanette.

    Easton won't know what hit him when all the guest arrive and he starts getting passed around like a football! He's getting to be a big boy!!

  3. Sure a nice busy week coming up. So nice to have all the family and friends around for such a special event. Can't think of to many better places for a wedding then Vancouver's waterfront, so beautiful and scenic. Great pictures of Easton. Hard to beat the fall weather here this year with the cool mornings and warm afternoons.

  4. Relax and have fun! Let others do the work! It will be over before you know it! Ya, right. Famous last words. Have fun anyway.

  5. this will be quite the week all of you will enjoy!!..a full house and wedding too!..can't wait to see all the photos!!