Saturday, December 6, 2014

Arizona Bound....

A good day was had north from San Diego and along the cliffs and beaches of La Jolla,CA.  Along our drive, we stopped to watch surfers plying their skills in the surf.
Parking was difficult.  Surfer after surfer were quickly occupying the available parking spots.
When we finally did find a place to park the truck, it was evident why so many surfers were hustling to get into the water.  Although the surf was not pounding the shoreline, it must have provided sufficient waves to attract so many aficionados. 
Not sure about this art work combo of boats, canoes, surfboards.......!  Is it art? 
After watching the surfers, we continued our drive further north to La Jolla.  Here, the surf pounds the shoreline hard.  The rocky shoreline is not conducive to surfing.  It far too dangerous.  The city of La Jolla staffs numerous life guard stations to assist those who try to swim these treacherous waters or those who fall off the cliff sides into the surf.

A brief video showing the seaside surf, off the cliff side in La Jolla.
We never tire from looking out to sea and walking along the pounding surf.
Even the wildlife are enjoying the rocks and waters behind the breakwater.
It appeared to us that La Jolla was a true tourist draw.  We heard many different languages as we walked along the shoreline. 
Oceanside road below the city centre in La Jolla.
This well fed squirrel has a great view from his cliff-side home.
We were visiting at low tide.  Had we had been here 11 or so hours later, high tide could have provided local kayakers with the choice to paddle through this and other cliff side caves. (two photos below)

What would a trip to La Jolla be without taking the few minutes to drive a bit further north to the famous PGA (Pro Golf Association) rated Torrey Pines Golf and Country Club?  I had to take Jeanette to see this place.  I had been here once before, some ten years or so ago.
Driving along Torrey Pines Drive.
A lot of history here.
The Farmers Open PGA Championship will be hosted at Torrey Pines this coming February, 2015.
Jeanette is checking out the breezy and cool South Course - the PGA rated one.
There are two 18 hole golf courses here.  The North Course is the about one half the green fee of the South Course at $229.  That price is steep but it did not deter the golfers.  Both golf courses were busy.  
We chose to sit outdoors at the clubhouse and enjoy lunch while watching golfers Tee off on the No. 1 hole,  South Course.  We were pleasantly surprised by the very reasonable lunch prices on the menu. 
I did take several photos of those famous golfers who are recorded on plaques that grace the Walk of Fame here.  I offer one for those blogger golfers who would be interested.
Famous South African PGA Golfer - now retired and living in Florida. He was the Buick Invitational Champion in 1963.
Clearly a lot of golf history at this ocean side golf course.  It was fun to drop by here, once again, and feel the ocean breeze the pros feel during championship tournaments.

And that ends our couple of days here in the San Diego area.  Having toured the famous San Diego Zoo and Sea World on previous visits, we enjoyed our time touring other areas of interest.  

The cleanliness of this seaside reminds us of our seaside city of Vancouver, BC.  It is nice to witness the contrast offered by both world-class cities.
We point our rig east bound today to our next destination; Yuma, AZ.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful photo tour of La Jolla. We may just visit there again this coming year.

    Safe travels to Yuma.

  2. What a beautiful area! It will have to go on our list of destinations!

  3. Nice area and fun to visit, we hope to be in the Yuma area by tuesday for a couple weeks, awesome weather.
    Travel safe and enjoy.

  4. What a nice day in La Jolla sure enjoyed all your great pic's. Hope you had a great travel day to Yuma.

  5. The ocean is so beautiful, we sure do miss San Diego. Glad you enjoyed your time there and safe travels!