Monday, December 1, 2014

Well Situated in Pachanga

Our departure from Caliente' Springs RV went well, last Saturday.  A couple of hours later, we were backing into the Pachanga RV park in Temecula, CA.
Heading west on Dillon Road, Desert Hot Springs.
Our GPS indicated an approximate 90 minute drive to our next destination; the Pachanga RV Resort in Temecula, CA.  
Traffic was reasonable for a Saturday on the Thanksgiving weekend.
Although we have motorcycled around this area, during previous stays in the Palm Springs area, we wanted to spend more time discovering the area more closely.  It is also a nice half way stop before we park ourselves in the San Diego area later this week.
Beautiful RV Park
Readying to back into our site.
We seldom reserve RV sites but to roll into an RV park on a Thanksgiving holiday weekend, we thought it prudent to book in.  Good thing too!  The RV park was booked solid.  We arrived early and we're allowed to roll in and set up.  The registration office staff were very accommodating. 
Backing in to the long 55' level sites.
There was no need to level.  Our concrete site was perfectly level.  This is the exception rather than the rule.  Most often, we have to level ourselves in.
I always love when I can back in - or roll into a long pull through - without having to remove the swivel wheel.
Only one hour later, we were all set up with services, chairs were set up, the motorcycle was off and we left to check out the finer points this resort offers.  There is a huge casino here too.  But we were far more interested in checking out the grounds and, of course, the well rated golf course.

A stunningly beautiful club house at the Journey golf resort.
A beautiful golf course layout too....
If the forecast rain does not materialize, I may just try to play a twilight round today or tomorrow.  We'll see what Jeanette's plans include before committing to play.  
Although rain was forecast for our area, we chose to motorcycle south, on Highway 79, to Julian and further south into San Diego.  Although the skies were ominous, we did escape rain. 
Route 79 - south of Temecula towards the lovely town of Julian, CA.
Beautiful ranches dot the countryside
Our first stop was in the small town of Santa Ysabel.  Famous for its Julian Pie Company, we opted to enjoy a bowl of soup and small sandwich in the restaurant opposite the pie making factory.
Arriving in the town of Julian
Home   (Town of Julian Web Site) 

The temperature dropped quite quickly at 4,000 feet.
Not only did the outdoor temperature drop quickly, the threatening skies had us pull off Highway 79 to put on our rain gear.  The thermal gear keeps us warm and dry.  Warm was good!
Although we skirted the rain, we did feel the temperature rising as we approached I-8 in the extreme southern end of the State of California.
Once on I-8 westbound for San Diego, the clouds dissipated and the sun was heating us up. 
We did not spend a whole lot of time in San Diego area because we plan to RV into this area on Wednesday.  We did head north on I-15 towards Temecula with a view to arrive back at Pachanga before nightfall.  And we did just that.
I-15 freeway north from San Diego, CA
About 10 minutes from the Pechanga RV Resort in Temecula, CA a drizzle was clouding our motorcycle windshield.  It was not a rain, per se, but we managed to roll in and avoid the light rain that developed some time later.

The weather today (Monday) is calling for possible lite drizzle (20%)  but as I am about to post this, the sun is out, the sky is blue and the threat of rain is higher for tomorrow (Tuesday).  So, we look forward to getting out and discovering more interesting offerings in this lovely area of southern California.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. That area looks interesting. It looked like rain back here in Desert Hot Springs but it did not develop. Stay warm!

  2. Nice that you got all moved and settled in, enjoy your stay there.

  3. That is a lovely area and RV Park. I made just over $800.00 US on a quarter one day in that casino. Good vibes. Lots of great wineries in the area.

  4. Certainly do envy your weather. I am quite impressed with your bike hauler. Appears it is attached securely enough to the 5th wheel that it can be backed up without detaching, and in corners it turns as one unit with the 5th wheel. Guess you must unload the bike before unhooking the cart from the camper. Very Cool.

  5. That sure is a nice looking RV Resort. It's nice to know of one in that area so thanks for the photos.

    Julian? One of my favourite little towns - home of Mom's Apple Pies!