Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thinking About Heading Back To The Land of Sun and Sand....

It got chilly here on the BC coast, overnight.  Forecasts for this area include bright sun, clear skies and a cooling off.  What that means is that our temperatures will hover slightly near or below the freezing mark.  Looking at the temperatures in the US southwest, the weather is not much better.  Several bloggers are moaning the cool temperatures. There are indications that an improvement is on the way and by the time we return, the heat should be back.  We are looking forward to that.

On the home front, we are spending time with our family and grand kids.  We've also been meeting with friends.  
Jeanette met with friends for Sunday morning breakfast while I was engaged with my 'Open Mic' friends.  When I met Jeanette later in the morning, I managed to capture this quick photo.  Gwen and Steve (right in frame) were soon to take the BC Ferries ship back to their home on Vancouver Island.  Ione and Mariette (left in frame) we will see again before we take flight to the US southwest.
Ginette was busy working on a presentation she will be giving in the Province of Saskatchewan soon so she took over my home office while Jeanette and I kept Easton and Brie occupied  It's not hard work but those two sure kept us busy.  And what a joy it was.  Without the distractions of looking after her two kids, Ginette was able to focus and complete her writing.
Jeanette and I got down often to play with Brie and Easton.
Easton enjoys lending a hand and got busy washing some dishes.
We had a lot of fun. By late afternoon, Ginette was ready to take Easton and Brie back home for dinner, before bath and bed time.  Easton wished to spend the night with us but we promised that would happen on Friday.  Jeanette and I will host the kids for an overnight while their folks attend a function.We love to have the grand kids stay overnight.
Brie has a cold and I woke up with sniffles this morning.  Hmmmm!
Brie, like her cousin Owen, has a similar desire to assist her Nana in the kitchen.
While Brie was being locked in to her car seat for the drive home, Easton was quite taken by the bright light emitting from the moon on a clear, cool night.
Checking out the bright moon...
Ginette about to leave back for her home.
Mid-morning, today will see Jeanette and I at Courtney's mom's home.  Deni, Courtney and Owen will be spending the day and night with us before we return them to the airport for their flight back to Edmonton, Alberta tomorrow morning.  It is a perfect day for outdoor activities.
Taken by a professional photographer, a most recent photo of Courtney, Owen and Deni.  Nice!
With Owen on a walk a few days back.
We have firmed up dinner and movie plans with friends for New Years Eve.  Other than a few more lunches and get togethers with other friends, we're re-focused on getting ready to return to the US southwest this January 5th.

And that's the way it's been here on the sunny BC coast, these past few days.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. Even though its cooler here the daytime sunshine works great for us.
    Enjoy your New Year's Eve and then come back down here.

  2. It is possible we will have a colder NYE here in Desert Hot Springs than you will have in the Lower Mainland!

  3. Great spending time with family and enjoying the holidays, safe travels and Happy New Year!

  4. will be nice for the two of you to get back to the land of 'warm sunshine?'

  5. It's FREEZING here !!

  6. Happy New Year! Enjoy the Family time!