Saturday, December 20, 2014

Busy At Home With Christmas Stuff....

Our Las Vegas to Bellingham, WA flight departure was on time.  We landed at 2:10 pm and our daughter arrived minutes after we stepped outdoors from the terminal.  Twenty minutes later, we were at the duty free store at the Lynden/Aldergrove border crossing. Once our duty free goods were collected, it was a five minute wait at the border, followed by a five minute drive to our home.  Great!
At McCarran Airport in Las Vegas - Thursday
Our truck was stored at an off airport parking facility, in Las Vegas, that also provided free shuttle service to the airport. It sure made life easy for us.  We could be at the airport long before our flight.  We preferred that option.  Within two hours, we had boarded our flight.  And the flight was full.
Our storage site close to McCarran Airport - Las Vegas. We saw license plates from several Canadian Provinces and US States.
The weather in Las Vegas equaled the weather we arrived to in Bellingham.  Both cities were at the same temperatures but Bellingham was more damp.  The unusual cool weather in Las Vegas was not to last long though.  And our weather back here, on the Pacific Northwest coast, was calling for rain.  That is to be expected in the winter months.
I needed help installing the Christmas lights and Easton was happy to lend a hand.
We arranged to look after Easton an Brie on Friday.  Ginette had some work related stuff to look into and Jeanette and I both looked forward to seeing the grand kids.  Easton was wanting to give me a hand installing the outdoor lights.

When they arrived at our home early on Friday morning, Easton could hardly believe we were home.  He asked where and why we had been away.  Although we Face Time, he was so thrilled to see us in person.  Hugs were fast and furious.  What a joy!

Brie was her usual smiley self and, although sporting a cold, she too was thrilled to see us.  She was especially thrilled to see her Nana.  She quickly cuddled into Jeanette's neck and shoulders.   That reception from our grand kids is reason enough to make the journey home for Christmas.
Easton had to be certain that I was doing a good job.  He climbed the ladder for a closer look.
He was pointing to ask if I was going to install lights on the second story.  No....not this year!  He was curious to check out the eavethroughs and then understood where the rain on the roof goes.
Heights don't bother Easton
My helpful little man identified the bulbs that were not working and would offer me the correct colour replacements.  That made my job easier.  
Installing the lights was fun.
Following a job well done, we were back indoors on time for some hot soup.
Brie had been indoors, keeping her Nana busy, while Easton and I were installing the lights.  When Easton and I got back inside, she had just awoken from her morning nap.  She was her pleasant self....and was quick to 'high five' her Grand Papa.  Yes, at ten months of age, little Brie knows how to high five!
It was so nice to hold our cuddly little Brie.
Lunch was enjoyed with the two grand kids before Easton was ready for his nap and Brie followed about one half hour later.  While they were down, I was upstairs in my home office catching up on blogs, email and snail mail too.  I read several Christmas cards from family and friends.
Brie's naps are shorter than Easton's.  She was back at play
Brie is so attached to Jeanette.  She is never far from her and it's interesting to see her quickly crawl to wherever her Nana is.  In the kitchen, she was curious to check out the baking process.

As soon as he awoke from his regular afternoon nap, Easton immediately reminded his Nana that Grand Papa had agreed to start the Harley Davidson with him.  That was true.  Before long, he was dressed for the outdoors, the motorcycle cover was removed and the roar and thunder could be heard in the house.  Brie and Jeanette came out to see what' the noise was about.
The rumble made Easton's day.  The noise did not bother Brie either.
Easton did question where the Kawasaki motorcycle was.  On 'Face Time' chats with him, I would show him the other motorcycle that was with us in the southwest US desert.  He was curious, nonetheless.  Conversing with Easton is such a joy. His grasp of the English language is amazing. He is no slouch with some Ukrainian and French words either.
"This is fun......."
Once we had exercised the motorcycle, Easton was truly satisfied with the result.  He then donned his bicycle helmet and rode around our driveway for a good half hour while I introduced myself to a new neighbour who was moving in, next door.

We already miss our former neighbours but we plan to see them over the Christmas holidays.  The new neighbours were busy with the move in.  We will get to know them better once they have settled in.

Trevor and Ginette  - Easton and Brie's parents - joined us for dinner before taking their kids home.  We were thrilled to spend time with them and we completely forgot to take photos.  How can that be? Too preoccupied, we resolved!

So, it was a good day, all around. Anyhow, we are thrilled to be back home for the Christmas holidays and we look forward to enjoying family time.  

Courtney and Owen flew here from Edmonton, this past Thursday evening.  They are at Courtney's mom's home while awaiting our son, Deni's Tuesday night arrival.  So, a lot to look forward too.  Owen will be turning one year old, this January 13, 2015.  He is a hoot to watch when we 'Face Time' with him and his folks, but to see them in person is something we look forward to.

That's it from here for now.

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  1. Nice that you had a good flight home. enjoy the time with your family.

  2. Sounds like you have fun times ahead. Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. Glad you had a good flight and have already spent some time with the grands.
    That is why we wait until after our Christmas visit before leaving.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. It is good you have a "helper" with you for all your jobs! Enjoy!

  5. Wow, so nice to be back with family, Easton and Brie are both beautiful, you guys are very blessed. Enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with family!

  6. welcome back to the 'wet coast'..nice to be surrounded by those wonderful grandkids!! enjoy your Christmas time with them!

  7. You are a very lucky man to have such a great little helper with your lights, Rene! That little Brie is a real cutie too.

    You and Jeanette are going to have a wonderful Christmas I know and I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing all about it.