Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Day in Yuma...

Jeanette and I will busy ourselves with preparing to move further west starting tomorrow morning.  We're going to begin our slow crawl towards Palm Springs/Desert Hot Springs, CA.

We've had a few busy days till now though.
One of the many shops in Algodones, Mexico.
Trena, Diane and Jeanette had a 'girls day out' to Algodones a couple of days back.  Trena and Jeanette had hair makeovers and cuts while Diane waited and shopped.  The three amigos then  shopped (with great success) for fresh vegetables, shrimp and prawns, in preparation for last evening's shell fish night.
They are clearly having fun in Algodones.
Being a large Catholic country, this is but one of the many churches in the country.
Vehicle line-up to exit Algodones for the US.
Most tourists who visit Algodones usually park on the US side and walk into Mexico.  There are no security guards and gates - nor passport proof required - to enter Mexico.  Passports are required to exit back into the US though.
Bicycling into and out of Algodones makes for a very quick passage.  Standing in line to get back in the US can mean long lines and  1 to 2 hour waits. 
Enjoying a lovely afternoon - sharing a wee dram and banter.
Jeanette and Diane were back in Algodones yesterday morning to pick up a fresh order of prawns and some other goods.
We managed to get another round of golf in at the Foothills Golf Course in the Yuma Foothills.  I didn't have the camera to show proof but this course is in great condition.  It is watered, it's very green and the golf balls tend to stick far better than the Los Barrancas course we played a few times.
Labour intensive work to harvest the numerous vegetable crops in this area.

We chose to take in the Yuma Market on Saturday.
Although everyone else had been to the Yuma Market, I had never been there before.  It's like any other large market.  There is a lot of stuff that I don't need, food fare, music, etc.  It is an interesting place to visit
Barbecued shrimp.
Trena, Jeanette and Diane prepared one scrumptious sea food dinner last evening.  It was another beautiful and hot day.  The evening was equally inviting with warm outdoor temperatures ideally suited for an outdoor dinner.  Two types of shrimp and prawns were prepared for the event.
Trena, Lucky, Diane and Hector were hosting.
We have not been suffering for lack of great dinners, let me tell you!  Every evening turns into a 5 Star dinner!
These prawns were steamed in garlic butter and other fine spices.  Diane's secret recipe!
Last night's dinner was our last as a group in Yuma before we all pack up and start trekking westward  towards Palm Springs.  We will likely take a few days to explore other areas along the route.  El Centro and Borrego Springs could be one or two stops we make along the way.
With our time in Yuma drawing to a close, and with a greater appreciation for what this area has to offer, we will definitely be back here.  The weather has been fantastic.  Our motorcycle rides have taken us to areas we would likely never have gone to.  Our trips to Algodones, Mexico, have been most pleasant.  The numerous golf rounds were fruitful but of greater value were the fun times we spent with our RVing friends, my brother and sister in law, and meeting new folks in this area.

So, we now look forward to the new adventures ahead.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your stay in Yuma--it has never been one of our favorite places but seeing it through your eyes may make us reconsider.

  2. Yuma is a great area to visit, we spent one whole winter there! Lots to do and great weather.
    Not to worry though, lots of good weather left here in DHS for you!

  3. Great recap of your time spent in Yuma. You make it sound like a pretty attractive destination. Our only stay in Yuma was an overnighter so we never really got a chance to discover what it was like. Thanks for the info.

  4. Sure has been a fun month in Yuma for you both. We have enjoyed the pictures and sights you have shared on your blog. Nice looking dinner to finish up your stay with. You will leave with lot's of good memories. Wishing you both safe travels.

  5. i hate to tell you this my friend, but Palm Springs is more "North" than it is "West" and "North means you are officially headed "Home". Keeping the words "Driving North" off the GPS is what is keeping us in Chetumal.

    We were once stuck in line in Algodones at the border for over six hours! It gets cold at night and the blankets that could be bought for $100 pesos earlier were selling for $300 pesos and more by 9:00PM!

    I don't comment much but I read every post. Keep having fun!

  6. there really ought to be a law against having so much fun!!!..enjoyed the recap of your day!!

  7. and another great successful day in paradise must be hard to leave :(

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