Saturday, January 7, 2012

At Orange Grove RV Park, CA

This is a really nice park to visit for an overnight or two.  The ownership run a good operation - other than their internet service.  Our site is the farthest from the office and we have negligible service.  In order to check email, I have to head to the office area.  I'm sitting here now at 6:30am to write this blog.

I-5 south from Red Bluff, CA.
Rice fields along I-5.
Hector and Diane's rig.
Taking a break here near Lost Hills, CA.
Our arrival at Orange Grove RV Park.
Just east of Bakersfield, CA. is this wonderful gem of an RV park.  Orange Grove is popular anytime but at this time of the year, the oranges are ripe for picking.  And we did just that.  We arrived early in the afternoon and enjoyed wonderful weather.
Jeanette was making quick work with the harvest.
There are signs posted on several orange trees asking that we 'please pick oranges.'  It keeps the trees in better shape and it makes for less work for the grounds maintenance folks too.
Diane had the right idea with this grapple pole that you can sign out at the office.
We all got into the act - however briefly.  It took  little time to reap enough oranges for the coming days....and are they ever good and juicy!

Jeanette and Diane with some of their bounty.
After washing the oranges and letting them dry, we went for a long walk to a nearby orange, fruit and nut farm.  We ordered date shakes.  Are those ever good.
Another view of the oranges that were collected.
Looking for those desired date shakes.
We found the date shake place....and it was well worth it.
Even Chico got into the action.  Hector gave him a little treat of date shake.  He sure lapped that up!
Walking back was a slow process as we enjoyed the sun and heat....and the exercise too.
Does this orange tree trunk look like the face of a woman - and sitting on a chair?
I was reading my novel outdoors and caught a look of this orange tree trunk above.  I had to get the camera and take this shot.  This is interesting, for sure!
Chico is getting some special attention.
Surprise of surprises!  We were enjoying a liquid before dinner at our site when a familiar person was walking by guiding her husband - driving their Class 'A' - to their site.  Lucky and Trena (whom we met last year during our winter snowbirding adventure) had pulled into Orange Grove.  We nor they had knowledge that we would all be here.  Well, that made for a lively evening of chatter and laughter.
Me, Lucky, Hector, Diane, Trena - and Jeanette is with the camera.
 After an early morning coffee this morning, Lucky and Trena will head towards Desert Hot Springs and we will head further east towards Moabi Regional Park south of Bullhead City, AZ.  We'll get the opportunity to get together again in the coming weeks and months

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Ah nice fresh OJ for breakfast. They sure are big ones too. Enjoy.

  2. Looks like the oranges were ready to pick, Chico is like Rigg's he doesn't know at 100lbs he's not a lapdog. Looks like your having a good day with friends. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. Looks like you will be having some nice fresh orange juice with your breakfasts for a while. I would have to agree with you on the tree trunk I thought the same before reading your comment. I have never tried a date shake before will have to give one a try next time in Palm Springs. Nice to see your having a good time with friends. It's the best thing about the life style.

  4. what dedicated blogger you are to be out and about with your puter blogging at 6:30am :)...great looking oranges looks like you will have fresh juice for a long time....

  5. fresh squeezed orange juice! grand that would be!!!..I have heard about the date shakes..a few have raved about them!!

  6. Aren't those oranges just the best? Orange Grove is one of our favorite parks except for the poor wifi of course.

    Glad you found a date shake place too. I've grown to really like them.

  7. Those oranges were beautiful!! Sounds as if you guys are enjoying your travels!