Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cool Nights - Warm and Sunny Days!

Since our arrival along the Colorado River in Moabi Regional Park, CA., we've dealt with one wind storm, awesome desert days, full moons, fires by the river and more.  Jeanette and I unloaded the motorcycle and have taken a few rides up to Bullhead City, AZ. and to Laughlin, Nevada.
Along Highway 58 in California - eastbound.
The road into Moabi Regional Park and our RV camp along the Colorado River.
The entrance to the park.
Our set up.  The Colorado River is 50 yards to the right.
I was awake early and walking about outdoors when the sun crept over the eastern horizon.
Unloading the motorcycle early in the morning. You can just make out the river behind.
With no 'on site' Internet access, one has to walk or drive to the Pirates Cove store and pub in order to access WiFi. Although a bit of an inconvenience, the service is very good.  However, I decided to purchase a broadband USB device and, while in Bullhead City two days ago, I was sold on the merits of the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go USB device.  I could access Internet at anytime from the comforts of our 5th wheel.  The product was overstated and it's crappy.  I called the tech support centre and was told that my area should be able to receive at least three (3) bars of Internet strength.  Utter 'crappola'!  Nada!  Barely one (1) bar.  Virgin promised that within four (4) fours, I would have awesome Internet access.  Nadda!  It was total BS.  So, the USB device will be returned today.  I'll think about another service..... but gosh, I so quickly lose faith with all the sales BS I get around here.
Jeanette captured this shot from the east side of the Colorado River in Arizona, looking west toward Laughlin, Nevada.
Diane came along when we drove out to Bullhead City to do some shopping. Hector stayed back to complete some RV maintenance.
Last night's moon.
Apart from other good reasons for spending time here is the freedom to light fires on the beach or near one's camp spot.  We did just that last night.  What a treat!  We were entertained by the coyotes nearby.  I have always loved their howling.
Hector lent a hand to set up our Shaw Direct HD satellite dish.
It sure is nice to sit in the comfort of our fiver in the evenings, or very early mornings, and catch up on our local Vancouver, BC news.  That's a treat!
We have barbecued these past few nights. 
Between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm, the days have been nice and warm - not hot.  Evenings call for long pants and jackets to ward off the brisk cool desert air. No complaints though!  It's dry, calm, sunny and there is sufficient warmth by day for golf, kayaking or motorcycling.

Jeanette and I spent the day on the motorcycle yesterday mainly doing stuff in Bullhead City.

Last evening before dinner, a motorcycle rode up to our site.  A really nice rumbling Harley Davidson Road Glide.  Low and behold, a rider who was camped nearby had recognized our fiver and rode up to say hello. He said that he instantly recognized us when we rolled in the other afternoon.  We were camped next to them last winter - about this same time too!  We shared some good laughs and agreed to join them, and a few other riders we have yet to meet, for a ride this Friday.  I believe we will head towards 29 Palms.  He farms rice and olives in northern California.  When not busy there, he and his wife head south for dry warm air to relax and motorcycle.  The travel with a 5th wheel toy hauler. We'll take photos during our ride and post later this weekend.
This is the view from our picture window at the back of the fiver.

Another view of last night's wonderful moon over the Colorado River.
That pretty well sums up the past few days here.  We struck out trying to purchase kayaking life vests in Bullhead City so I think we'll head south to Lake Havasu today to see if we can find some there.  We look forward to taking our Sea Eagle Kayak out on the tributary along Pirates Cove here next to the Colorado River.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. looks like a beautiful spot you guys are staying at. Enjoy your Ride on Friday and I will be looking forward to your Photos.

    Take Care

  2. When filling out the little form that some retailers want you to fill out when returning less than ideal merchandise, I have no qualms about putting down, "It's CRAP!" or "Piece of JUNK." on the form.
    I certainly appreciate getting a good deal or whatever, but I'd just as soon pay for something that works.
    At least the local wifi is adequate.
    Happy Motoring.

  3. Wi-fi is a crap shoot no matter where you go.Several friends have the Verizon Mi-fi and i think once we are full time we will try that. Don't know if it is available in Canada though. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. Is there Verizon cell signals there? Looks like a nice place to stay.

  5. Must feel good getting back on the bike after a month or so of no riding. One of the nice things about the desert is having those evening campfires. Sounds like a good ride coming up for Friday, looking forward to some of your pictures. All in all it looks like the winter trip is off to a good start.

  6. We used both a Sprint/Virgin and a Millenicom/Verizon USB device and found each had their hotspots. But the Millenicom one was the better of the two.

  7. Contact Millenicom--we had a Verizon card for many years but hated the contract--we have no cellphone or USB type internet coverage in the mountains of Montana where we live. So, with a Verizon contract we were paying all year for something we only used about 4 months a year. Millenicom is no contract, turn on and off at will, $60/month for 10GB. And so far we are thrilled with the coverage we have found. Their website is very good and easy to use. Good luck!

  8. Check out this blog post for more info on Millenicom.

    Hope it helps.

  9. good luck with your internet issues!..some say Verizon is good but I see Janna gave you some advice too!..explore the options!..enjoy your time beside the river!!!...looks very nice and peaceful!

  10. Looks like you got a great spot there by the river - very nice.

    We've used a Verizon USB760 aircard for the past 3 years and have had good reception wherever we've traveled from Washington St. to New Mexico.

    With Verizon, when you purchase the aircard, you can then get 5GB of Broadband time on a month-to-month basis. So, when we go back home we just 'suspend' the service, pay nothing, and then start it up again when we return. It works just fine.

  11. We want to thank you all for the great feedback on the USB favoured service. We will investigate the Millenicom and the Verizon options.

    Sure is helpful to get feedback from like minded users.

  12. Sorry to hear of your experience with the Virgin Broadband. I think they concentrate their service along the interstate highway corridors and not so much once you stray into the boondocks.

    We were happy with ours again in November as we drove down to the Mexico border and I think it only failed us once along the way. It even worked in Yuma which has always been a dead spot for Virgin. I hope you find a good substitute!

  13. One thing is for sure: life on the road is never boring! There are always lots of adventures at your doorstep and new people that you'll meet as you go along. The RV park that you have settled in looks great, and offers lots of amenities and activities for the whole family. Your picture by the river looks gorgeous, btw. I’m sure that you had lots of fun staying in that camp, doing all the water sports activities.

  14. I think you always have the best road trips. Aside from having a RV, you also have a motorcycle. What else can you ask for, right? And the best thing is that you always have your family with you. Isn’t that wonderful?

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