Thursday, January 12, 2012

Enjoying Moabi RV Resort

It's been a fun couple of days here at Moabi Regional RV Park on the Colorado River.  Since our last blog, Jeanette and I took a nice 25 minute ride to Lake Havasu and yesterday saw Hector and I in Mojave at the El Rio Golf and Country Club.  It was a fine day for golf!
Washing to grit and sand off in Mojave, AZ.
Got this photo of Jeanette during this brief stop in the city of Needles, CA on our way back to Moabi Regional Park.
With all the hoopla baloney I exchanged with Virgin USB modem, I wish to take this opportunity to thank our blog readers that wrote back with their experiences and success with other USB modem service providers.  We'll look into those services in the coming days.  The useless Virgin USB modem was returned yesterday.....and for a full refund too!
I just had to get a photo taken by this historic sign. 
The history about Route 66 is a worthwhile read.  It is fun to get to ride some stretches of the famous highway, from time to time.
This amazing home sits below the steep cliff under Highway 95 near the Arizona border.
The owners of this home enjoy a private beach on the Colorado River.  Steep drive to get up onto Highway 95 though.
This twin engine float plane was built in Canada in 1951.  It is docked at our RV Park and the pilot took off on the Colorado River right by our RV site yesterday.  Quite a nice site. 
Our northern California rice and olive farmer friend rolled in on his Harley Davidson to firm up our motorcycle ride to 29 Palms this Saturday.  Sure looking forward to that ride.
The peaceful Colorado River in the late afternoon.
One of the benefits (of several, I might add) is the freedom to have bonfires on the beach.  We've done that!  With a full moon and bright stars in the heavens, there is nothing quite like a nice fire to keep one outdoors in the cool desert nights.

If you click on this photo, you will see the twin engine 1951 float plane I wrote about earlier.
I could imagine our son Deni doing just this.  He would think nothing of flying in for a visit if he were closer.....and he had the time (and the loot for the fuel) to fly down here from Edmonton, Alberta.
Downtown Lake Havasu.
The bridge that everyone talks about when referring to Lake Havasu.
We rode to Lake Havasu two days ago and we were successful in purchasing two really good kayaking life vests from a large marine dealer there.  We took our time and rode around Lake Havasu for a good couple of hours.  We did get a good look around.  It's clean, organized and a nice place to consider spending some time in sometime in the future.
California highways take near to last place over the great Arizona highways.
It cuts like a knife!  Yes, as soon as one crosses into Arizona, the highways improve exponentially.  They are smooth and rewarding to ride on.  California highways suffer from neglect in far too many regions. 
Nice setting in the park on the water in Lake Havasu.
Gearing up for our golf round Wednesday @ El Rio Golf and Country Club.
It was a great day to be on the links.  The breeze rose later into our round but it was a warm and sunny outing with some satisfying golf play....and some lucky shots too.
Hector is eying his chip shot.
I had to take this photo.
This may not mean much to the blog readers but I chipped a shot from about 60 yards back from this green and the ball bounced once and dropped into the hole.  I save a birdie with that chip shot.  Hey....we do remember the great shots....and leave the bad shots behind on the course!

We plan to take the kayak out on the tributaries of the Colorado River here tomorrow if the weather cooperates.  More on that in a later blog.

This sums up our adventures of late.  With no on board 5th wheel internet service - necessitating a drive to the Pirates Cove store - I will be blogging every couple of days or so.  We will investigate the other internet services suggested by other bloggers and we'll report back.
This is where I sit to read and write blogs....and emails too.
This is my view whenever I look up from the keyboard!  Not bad!
And this sums up the end of this blog.
Thanks for the Internet USB modem tips and for dropping by.


  1. Hope you find a good USB provider to make things a little simpler. Nice photo of you and your bike by the Route 66 sign. Interesting seeing a float plane in the desert, always think of them more up your way. Should be a good day Saturday weather wise for that ride into Twenty Nine Palms enjoy. Nice to see that you and Hector got some golf in already. Congratulations on that great chip shot.

  2. good luck with the internet provider search!..nice view from your 'office'!!!

  3. Great photos. Love the one of the highway! Another place for our wish list!

    Mike and Dee White

  4. Great blog post, Rene, I don't know where to start here as you covered so much.

    Paulette and I have great memories of Lake Havasu as it was our first AZ RV'ing stop. Seeing the London Bridge was kind of neat.

    29 Palms? That's almost within shouting distance of us!

    And, as for your 60 yd. chip shot? In my dreams!! That must have felt good - I wouldn't know!!

    Have fun on your bike ride Saturday.