Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kayaking & Biking!

It's been a busy and fun couple of days.  With the kayak finally hitting the water and a group of motorcyclists inviting us to join a 300 mile ride, we've had little time for anything else.  But it sure is fun!
WARNING:  This will be a heavy photo blog.....!
Getting the Sea Eagle kayak ready.
Final touches before launching.
Jeanette and I get to take our first trip in  the new boat.
After swamping the kayak with Jeanette in it, we took it out for a true test run.  It passed with flying  colours.
Diane replaced me at the helm and the girls enjoyed a good paddle on the Colorado River tributary.
This Sea Eagle kayak responded exactly the way users have spoken about.  It's a great kayak and I'm sure it will be get a lot of use when we are near water - here and back at home.
Hector and I took it out for a strong paddle.
This is very good activity on days like this.
It's important to stay hydrated too.
We spent a few good hours plying the tributaries before calling it a day.  We are sure to be back on the water really soon....but not before taking in a great 300 mile motorcycle ride with like minded RV'ers in this RV area.
This was yesterday (Saturday) when we saddled up along with six other motorcyclists for our long desert ride on famous Route 66 to 29 Palms.
With six motorcycles and 8 riders, it made for a nice day of riding camaraderie.
We were pleasantly surprised to learn about the numerous motorcyclists in this RV park.  We were invited to join the group for a 300 mile ride and we instantly jumped in. 

Our riding group included one Washingtonian from Bellingham; one rider from St. Louis, Missouri, a couple from Reno, Nevada, our rice farmer friend from Northern California, a passenger from Salem, Oregon and Jeanette and I from Langley, BC.
Taken in Amboy, CA. on Route 66, this typifies the way it used to be on this famous route years back.
The owner of this 50's style diner and motel is apparently restoring this service station, motel and diner.  It's nice to see.  The only other place in Amboy is the post office.
We took a much needed rest after a hard 90 mile run.

Pulling in to 29 Palms - our lunch place on this ride.
David, the rice and olive farmer from Northern California is leading the way to the 50's Carousel dinner where a great all day breakfast or lunch can be had for $3.50 and $4.99.  We had the all day breakfast and endless coffee for a grand total of $11.21 taxes in.   What a treat!  We'll be back too.

Gearing to head back to Needles, CA.
Jeanette is standing in front of the restaurant....and ready for the ride back.
 We returned via highway 62 east to highway 95 north and back to Moabi Regional Park.
Highway 95 north has been resurfaced and it's a treat to ride on once again.  It was in poor condition for many years.
Another brief break before completing the final 49 miles.
The final stretch.....
We arrive back to our RV spot on the Colorado River near sunset.  What a great day this was.  We rode with new friends and enjoyed our ride through the miles of endless desert, mountains, old roads, new roads and so on.....!  It was a treat!

Little more need be said.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. biking is definitely one of the best ways to see the country..both Rick and I used to have bikes..I often ask him if he misses his thankfully he doesn't...guess the MH has us spoiled....but it is the best way to see the country

  2. You swamped the kayak with Jeanette in it????

  3. from the water to the pavement!..sounds like you had a great weekend!!

  4. It was great to see those pics of you and Jeanette in your new kayak on the Colorado. Swamping a kayak is one thing I'm sure I'd be good at.

    Looked like a fun bike ride too - I thought I heard the roar of bike engines wafting over Joshua Tree NP!

  5. Sure like your kayak, and am glad you are enjoying it. Staying hydrated is important and look's like you have the right beverages for it. Enjoyed seeing some of the highlights of the bike ride nice pic's. Can't beat that breakfast deal either.

  6. Well it looks like you two are keeping pretty busy. Both the Kayak and the Bike trip look like a lot of fun. I agree with you totally- you must stay hydrated when out on the water lol.

    Take Care