Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More of the and riding and enjoying!

The past few days have basically replicated the previous days.

I enjoyed another round of golf and, yesterday, Jeanette and I toured around south of Lake Havasu into the Cattails State Park, further south around the Parker Dam, then back around on highway 62 west and north on I-95.
Warming up on the first hole @ El Rio GCC.
Hector's ball at the ready.
Waiting at No. 10 for the group ahead to move on.
This golf course is a real treat.  It offers great value for its price too.  $30 (including the power cart) is a deal!  We'll play it a few more times before we move on from this area.  Hopefully we can also improve our score.  With only two rounds played, these past several months, the game is improving - albeit slowly.  It's fun - no matter what!

Beautiful clubhouse and restaurant.
We joined up with a single golfer from Sacramento.  Phil was a pleasure to share 18 holes of golf with.
Phil and Hector likely sharing tall tales.
Yesterday saw Jeanette and I motorcycle off to explore more of Lake Havasu and further south towards Parker, AZ.
Beautiful day for a ride.
Cattails State Park.  A real beauty.
We spoke with a couple from Ontario who had completed an interesting hike here in the state park.  It's another one for our 'to do' list.  They divide their winter snow birding journeys every other year between Florida (that they find too busy) and Arizona where they feel it is less busy.
Colorado River at the State Park.
We gathered some information from the State Park office for the future.
We could see ourselves spending a few days in a park as nice as this one is.  It is well organized and offers some really nice scenic views. It's a nice place to kayak too.

Further south towards the Parker Dam area.
A potential place to go kayaking near Parker Dam.
Parker Dam.
Wild donkeys.
We have often seen highway signs alerting drivers to keep an eye out for donkeys/burrows.  Till yesterday, we had not seen any.  Around one curve in the road, on the backside of Parker Dam (the California side), there were several just meandering on the shoulder.
We got to the Parker bridge and encountered a traffic jam of RVs and transport trucks.
Although we didn't get a photo, we wondered why there would be a traffic jam there.  It then occurred to us that it's likely the RV'ers that were heading to Quartzite. We were able to ride the shoulder and move forward to the stop sign before heading due west on highway 62 to wards I-95.  We could easily have been held up for a half hour or so.  Unbelievable!

We do not plan to RV into Quartzite but we may brave a motorcycle ride there when the big desert RV show is in high gear.
Back on I-95 north towards Needles.
Late afternoon sun creating an interesting shadow on I-95 north.
Back at our RV spot on the Colorado River.
We joined Hector, Diane and Chico for some snacks before a Mexican dinner that Diane had prepared for us.  How nice that was!  It's our turn to prepare dinner this evening. 
Late afternoon.
Jeanette caught a photo showing my best side.  I'm sitting in the beige lounge chair facing the river.  It was a nice closing to a beautiful day.

Today will see us staying around and accomplishing some domestic tasks; laundry, vacuuming, and trying to find an annoying short on my motorcycle.  It's intermittent but every once in a while - when I hit a bump on the road - I lose power for a faction of a second. I'll spend the balance of today trying to find and resolve the problem.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Must feel nice playing golf in January wearing shorts. Nice looking course. Great price to include the cart. What kind of driver do you have in the first pic? Looks like a nice state park to stay at. Sure have been having some nice bike rides, good luck finding the short.

  2. Allen,

    I was holding a 'Burner' driver by Taylor Made. It's Hector's driver. I use an Adams R12 driver.

  3. Sounds as if you guys are having a ball--we spent the last two winters in the Parker/Bouse, AZ area and loved it. Whatever you do don't go to Quartzsite on the opening day of the RV show. We made that mistake the first year and spent an hour locked up in a traffic jam! The crowds were terrible that day!

  4. We toured the Parker Dam area last year and really enjoyed it... got out golfing today myself! Love being retired!

  5. You guys sure are having a great time over in that area and the weather looks good too. Lake Havasu was our very first snowbird stopover when we headed south 5 years ago. Nice area.

    Your golf course sounds pretty nice and sure is reasonable.

  6. Janna,

    Thanks for the advice on 'not attending the Quartzite RV show on the first day. I'm not a big fan of crowds to start that advice is appreciated.


    Weather has been really nice and hot by day - cool by night. The area offers a lot of options for riding, kayaking, golf and just plain old R&R.