Friday, January 20, 2012

Some Repairs - Some Hot AirToo.... balloons that is!

Lake Havasu Hot Air Balloon Fair
Jeanette and Diane left mid morning yesterday to take in the hot air balloon festival that is happening in Lake Havasu.
It was a great day with blue skies and warm temperatures to spend time walking all over the place.
Jeanette captured these really nice photos.
I've had the opportunity to ride in hot air balloons and it's a treat to experience if any of you have doubts about the merits of it.

Trying to figure out why the bike is acting up.
Two days ago I spent the entire afternoon trying to figure out why our motorcycle was having hiccups after we hit a bump....then return to normal after hitting another bump. I thought it could perhaps be a wiring short.
Trying every possible electrical option.
I removed the battery, checked all fuses, wiring connections, cleaned contacts....all to no avail.  It would start OK but hiccup and stall. Realizing that it likely required  a computer scoping, I called a local motorcycle shop in Bullhead City, AZ.  An appointment was made to bring the motorcycle in yesterday.
While Jeanette was making plans to attend the balloon fair in Havasu, I removed the swivel wheel from the 5th wheel, attached it to our truck, loaded the bike and quickly left for Bullhead City.
Attaching the ratchet straps.
Heading off to Bullhead City.
So while I was attending to the motorcycle issues, Diane and Jeanette were having a grand old time in Lake Havasu.
This was the opening day.
Heating the air inside.
Not sure what the stick was for.....!
....and liftoff.
There were some serious hobbyists with planes and helicopters too.

So peaceful and serene!
A nice photo taken on the shore of a very calm Lake Havasu.
Jeanette knows of my love for old trucks and snapped this shot.
The girls didn't return to Moabi Regional Park till dark.  By all accounts, they had a fantastic day.  I, on the other hand, discovered that the problem with our motorcycle is likely a fuel pump and/or fuel injectors.  I'm expecting to hear the final results of the computer analysis from Javier, the motorcycle technician, sometime today.  The parts will have to be ordered and by the time they arrive and are replaced, it could take a week or so. I also ordered a new rear tire and a replacement air filter.

Today calls for another round of golf at El Rio and tomorrow calls for us to move from our present site on pod 22 to another site on pod 16.  That has something to do with someone else having reserved the spot we presently occupy.  Not a bid deal....and the move could provide us with a riverside site.  More on that later.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Bummer on the motorcycle problem but maybe a cool thing with the move and a riverside spot??

  2. Those hot air balloons look fantastic with all those colors.

    I guess even bikes get sick once in a while. It'll be worth it when you get it back and hear that nice healthy "vroom, vroom" though.

  3. Nice to be able to hook the swivel up to the truck also, sure makes transporting the bike easy. Looked like a beautiful day to see all those balloons flying. Hope you get that riverside site.

  4. Nice pics of the balloons... hope the bike turns out OK...