Friday, November 15, 2013

2nd Day on the Road and Now in Southern Oregon....

Today was an easy one.  The drive from Salem, Oregon, in the north, to Seven Feathers RV resort in southern Oregon was only a 3.5 hour drive - with a brief rest stop.  Weather was fine.  We did not have any rain and the sun refused to shine.
At a rest stop - a couple of hours south from Salem, Oregon.
Knowing our drive would be a short one today (Friday), we took our time and by the time we were ready to drive away from Hee Hee Illahee RV resort, it was 9:30 am.   
I-5 southbound - with reasonably light traffic.
The driving conditions were very good.  Roads were bare, traffic was light and the sun was not blinding us.  A bit of sun would have been appreciated.....but that will have to wait till tomorrow afternoon when we overnight in northern California.
Canyonville is where the wonderful Seven Feathers RV Resort and Casino is located.
By 1:00 pm, we had arrived at the Seven Feathers Resort.  First thing we did was to pull up to the diesel pumps to top off our tank for tomorrow's long drive up the mountain passes in southern Oregon and Northern California.
This resort is five star - bar none!   We have not found any other RV park that tops this one.
The diesel price was not too bad for this area, at this time of the year.  Once fueled up, we drove up the mountain side on the west side of I-5 to the RV resort.  The actual casino/hotel is on the east side of I-5.  It is very pristine, pastoral and quiet at the RV resort.

Pulling up to the canopy arrival area at the Seven Feathers RV Resort.
Jeanette climbed the hillside to capture this photo while I was inside at the registration desk.
By 2:00 pm we had completed our set up, made some lunch, enjoyed a great cup of home brewed coffee and then donned the running shoes for a good, long walk around the RV park and on down to the Casino.   A shuttle service is available - free of charge - to all RVers who need a ride to the casino.  Our walk down and back was just about right.  We walked for well over 90 minutes.  It felt good!.  We checked out the entertainment, and this being Friday night, there is a Beatles Revival in the show lounge at the Casino.  It's called, 'A Hard Day's Night'.  We've opted to take in the 7:00 pm show.

The drive throughs here are first rate.  Well angled, it's a breeze to roll a big rig into these spots.  Gotta like that!
Captured this photo while walking around the RV park.....
The grounds are meticulously maintained - summer, fall, winter and spring.
The RV park offered so much choice.  It's not very busy.  We qualified for the Good Sam (AAA) and Casino discount that cut the overnight rate down by 20%.  That is one sweet deal here.  Our cost is about $33.00 - taxes in.  Ahhh, what taxes.....?  This is Oregon!  No taxes!!!!!
This nice walk way heads down the hill from the RV resort and winds its way toward the truck stop, under I-5 and to the casino.  Nice day for a walk this was.
Jeanette wanted a photo showing the front of this casino.  Nice
I was meandering about near the entry to the casino when a local offered to capture Jeanette's photo in front of the casino.
So...the pork chops are soon to hit the Weber grill and some side dishes will be prepared. Although the temperatures are quite nice, at this time of the year, when daylight fades, it may prove a bit too cool to sit it's nice to have the indoor option, with heat, to enjoy our dinner.

Tomorrow will find us at Durango RV Resort in Red Bluff, CA.  That's just a few miles south from Redding, CA.  That first class resort (unlike Seven Feathers) permits RVers to wash their rigs on site.  Gotta love that.  It's the reason we choose to stay at that resort.  Once clean, our rig tends to stay clean throughout the winter months while in the US southwest.

All right!  That's all from here.  The Weber awaits my attention.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounds like a nice travel day and your are enjoying some nice weather too. $33.00 a night sounds expensive for our lifestyle, but looks like a nice resort.
    Have fun there and travel safe.

  2. George,

    This resort is well worth one night to spoil ourselves. Seriously speaking, it is better than what most five star resorts boast.

    We are getting a free night of Beatles entertainment too. The spa facilities are awesome ....and we did partake in those.

    I would bet money that you would be in awe of this place.

  3. You are doing well in your travels...nice to start hitting some warm weather!

  4. that is the first time I have ever noticed someone taking a photo of the casino!..Seven Feathers sure is a popular spot for an overnighter!!!

  5. oh and by the way you are missing a rain and wind storm tonight!! nasty weather here in the lower mainland!!

  6. Those are some nice looking spots you've picked. We just might be retracing your tire tracks on our way south.

  7. Rod & Sylvia,

    By all means, feel free to drop into the resorts we write about. We learned of these from other RVers and never regretted our choices. Seven Feathers tops them all though.

  8. Nice to see some pics of Seven Feathers again - it truly is a gem of an RV park and worth every penny.

    Glad the rain stopped for you, now all you need is that sun to shine tomorrow.

  9. Sounds like you are we'll underway for your winter migration. Have a great time. Will we see you in Arizona this winter????

  10. We will try to drop by your place....and we'll give you a call first should we be rolling close by.

  11. The hike up the hill was worth it, a great photo