Monday, November 4, 2013

Homeworks, a Sleepover and More.....

Yesterday was the perfect day for some outdoor activities; including an early morning motorcycle ride to join my 'Open Mic' buddies to discuss world affairs and bring solid solutions to the problems.  The weather was sunny....but cool.
Easton wishing me a good Sunday morning ride to Open Mic...
After solving the major problems, I headed back for home.  Our son in law, Trevor, was coming by to help me winterize our in ground sprinkler system. 

Cool morning....but no complaints with heated riding gear.
We had Easton over for a sleepover on Saturday while Ginette and Trevor were busy preparing a bedroom for their new baby, due next mid-February.  They chose to paint, move some furniture and shift things around; including setting up a new bed for Easton.  To stay focused on their home works, Easton came to our place where we kept him busy (or...I should say, he kept us busy); including a overnight stay.  It is always fun to have the little fella over.  What a treat!
We found some really good cartoons online....where Easton and I spent a few hours (on and off during the 30 hours he was with us) screening some.  Great choices on line, I might add!
Spent a lot of time outdoors too....
Nothing beats getting outdoors and Easton gravitates to that.  He loves to be outdoors and he simply takes our hand and says, "outside" get us to dress him and go out.  Once outdoors, it's a busy time following him wherever he wants to go.  And go he does!
Trevor and I running the compressor hose into the underground sprinkler system.
It was the time of the year to blow the water from our sprinkler system and, with Trevor's help, that was accomplished within a half hour.  We have six zones and the best approach was to open one valve and blow out one zone at a time.  Trevor also discovered one underground pipe - near the pond - that had been damaged.  It was gurgling water - underground.  Oh no!  Good thing for that discovery!  When I re-built our pond, I somehow drove a ground spike into the PVC underground pipe.  I had no idea it was breached.
Where the sprinkler underground pipe was damaged.
 A quick drive to the local hardware store had Trevor pick up a PVC sleeve while I dug down in the dirt to open an area sufficient to cut out the damaged PVC pipe and make the  fix.  Trevor was quick with the fix and, within minutes, the repair was completed, the dirt replaced and packed and the lava rock replaced.

With the sprinkler system blown out, the compressor and other tools were put away and we headed indoors for a well earned lunch that Jeanette had prepared.
Easton is helping his dad and me with the sprinkler weatherization process.
He also hung around to supervise the workers.  Someone has to supervise the work....and it might as well be Easton.
A few days before, we had been at Easton, Ginette and Trevor's home for Halloween....and the photos below reflect a bit of the fun had.
Check out the wig that Trevor donned....  Easton was not keen on wearing his costume....but he did after a bit of coaxing.
A really creative decorating job by Trevor.
Easton knocking on his very first Halloween door.
Jeanette and I have been thinking through our winter RV travel plans and I will blog about that in the days ahead.  We have set November 14th as our date of departure for the US southwest. Details to follow soon!
Although stored further back behind the locked gates on the side of our home, the fiver will soon be pulled forward for loading before heading south this November 14th.

I received a nice offer to golf with some members of the White Rock Rotary golf group, this morning.  I'm soon to leave for that outing.  I am filling in for a regular member who had to cancel out.

And that's what we've been up to!

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend of getting things done! Goes much faster I'm sure with Easton's supervision!:)

  2. The 14th is coming soon! Now that I'm home I have to get busy on my to-do list so we'll be ready for our departure. At least it's sunny!

  3. You are moving out pretty quick - the 14th! Wow!

    It's great to see Easton enjoying playing outdoors so much. He sure seems like an inquisitive little guy which is great too. He's going to really enjoy playing with his new cousins to come.

    I'll be looking forward to reading about your future travel plans.

  4. Nice pic's, especially of you and Easton with him seeing you off on your morning ride. Wow! November 14th that will be a bit different for you guy's heading south early. Hope we can meet up again this year. Looked like a fun Halloween for Easton. Have a good Monday!

  5. Easton sure looks like a lot of fun! He is at a great age...sure is time to head south!

  6. Your family will be growing by leaps and bounds over the next few months!! Easton is getting so big!

  7. Yippeee, You've finally set a date. Must be getting quite cool there now if you are wearing your heated gear.

    I took a little ride to Parker today - no heated gear needed. nudge nudge LOL

  8. Ohhh--the 14th is soon! Easton looks as if he was a big help!