Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Fun Visit to Dogpound South....

And it was just that!  A really nice visit with John and Brenda made for a fun afternoon.  
Before we we could ride off to Dogpound South, I had to install the motorcycle windshield. 
By 11:00 am, yesterday morning, we were ready for the ride from Gold Canyon, west on I-60, on to the 202 Loop and south through the San Tan Valley and Chandler, till we headed south on I-10 towards the town of Maricopa.  It was about a 70-80 minute ride to John and Brenda's place.   John & Brenda's Incredible Journey
All set to roll.
It was a bit windy and cloudy on our ride but the temperature was very mild.  It was a nice ride and traffic was surprisingly light in the major metropolitan Phoenix area.  I-10 south was equally fine, traffic wise.
Heading south off the 202 loop
We were invited for lunch @ 1:00 pm and we timed our ride well because we pulled into Dogpound South at 1:00 pm.  Brenda had burgers ready for the barbecue - along with side dishes and Ceasar salad.  
We caught this photo of John returning from the coral that houses their three horses.
We had a dual purpose in visiting here.  John had received a package for us.  It is a new, unlocked, iPad with a SIM card - 4G - with service from Millenicom - headquartered in Portland, Oregon.  Janna  Tin TeePee/Log Cabin had been reading about our trials and tribulations trying to unlock another iPad - that our kids had gifted us before we left Canada for the US southwest.  Try as we did, we could not unlock it in the US.  Janna apprised us of a great deal offered by Millenicom and, while we were in Pahrump, NV, we ordered the package.  

Imagine an internationally unlocked iPad Mini with a T-Mobile 4G SIM card and 6.5 gigs of data/month till March 1st, 2014 - all for $199 + $49 activation fee and $15 shipping charge.  That's it!!!!  

Because we were mobile and not planning to be settled for more than one or two days - till Gold Canyon, that is - we contacted John @ John & Brenda's Incredible Journey and he offered to have the Millenicom package delivered to his place.  That was one part of the reason for visit with them yesterday.  
John officially hands over the Millenicom iPad with cell service.
Now......we had also been invited for lunch and Brenda's kitchen prowess is something to never say no to.  She sure knows how to throw a feast together.  The burgers from the barbecue were thick, juicy and  Add some good country beans and a 'to die for 'Caesar salad and we feasted like country kings and queens.
Brenda went even farther and prepared this awesome ice cream cake.  Although full with lunch, we sucked it up and enjoyed some of this ice cream cake.
This is Brenda's idea of a small piece of ice cream cake.  Hmmmmm....Goood!
I think we needed to walk around Dogpound South, a dozen or so times, to wear down some of the calories we ingested. But we didn't.  We sat around and chatted.  That said, it was a great meal combined with fun chat and laughs too.
It was a tad breezy so we ate indoors but, once done with lunch, we basked in the sunshine outdoors.  The winds had abated by then and we enjoyed the balance of our visit in the fine Arizona sun.
A neighbour friend of John and Brenda rode by and dropped in to say hello.... and to arrange a joint ride for today.  She makes her summer home in Fort St. John, BC.
By 5:00 pm - and with dusk fast approaching - it was time for us to ride back to Canyon Vista RV Park.
We checked out their 36'  combo horse and RV trailer.  What a great concept this Bison trailer is!!!!  This is the perfect home on wheels for John, Brenda, the three horses and the two dogs.
John is minding the gate as we leave their ranch.  He was quick to lock the gates once we were out.....and I wonder why???  LOL.

All said and done, we had a fantastic time at their place and we thank them again for the warm reception, the fun chat, the great lunch.....and just a wonderful afternoon.
Shortly after leaving Dogpound South.....and heading back north and east to Gold Canyon.
We will bring you up to date on our new - internationally unlocked - iPad with the Millenicom data service, as well as T-Mobile's SIM card, in the days ahead.  It is Thanksgiving today, in the USofA, and it is also Jeanette's birthday.  So....we have activities planned. We will close the day by sharing it over dinner with our friends from Montreal, Quebec - Gerry and Pauline.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Well Happy Birthday Jeanette, you better come on back and I will have Brenda whip up a birthday cake for you, or maybe you can just help us out with the rest of the ice cream cake. It was a great visit.

  2. What a great day you had, along with enjoying some Alberta Hospitality! Hopefully the nice weather is here to stay. We are in West Texas and it is chilly.

  3. Great deal on the i-pad mini and an awesome day trip with wonderful meal included.
    Happy Birthday Jeanette.

  4. Happy Birthday Jeanette and happy to hear you had such a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday, Jeanette. Looks like you had a great day.

  6. We have to diet for months after hanging around with Brenda! She is a great cook! Glad you have the iPad, I will be anxious to hear how easy the set up is. Happy Birthday Jeanette!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jeanette.

    What a great visit you had with John and Brenda. That ice cream cake Brenda made looked awesome.

    I'll be curious to hear how your new iPad works with T-Mobile.

  8. a nice day spent with more Canadian friends! Happy birthday to Jeanette!!!

  9. You are too kind Rene'. Please pass on my Birthday wishes for Jeanette.

  10. You guys just never slow down, do you?

    Great deal on the iPad!