Wednesday, November 6, 2013

US Southwest RV'ing Travel Plans

With our RV'ing departure date fast approaching, we're making our 'to do' list and checking it twice...or thrice.  Our wheels will be rolling south this November 14th. 
This is what our rig will look like when we roll out from home on November 14th.
It's fun to be in the preparation mode.  It's also nice to roll out earlier than in years past. But this winter's travel will be quite different.  And there is good reason for this.

As many readers will recall, we are expecting two more grandchildren this winter.  Our son and daughter in law are expecting for January 2nd, 2014, and our daughter and son in law for February 14th, 2014.

We normally plan our winter leave following Christmas at home.  With Deni and Courtney's baby expected in early January, that prevents them from traveling from Edmonton, Alberta, to our home for the usual Christmas fun. 
Deni, his grandmother and Courtney - receiving an early baby gift.
So, in the third week of December, we'll be leaving our rig in storage, in Las Vegas, to fly home for Christmas.  Jeanette and I will be home to celebrate Christmas with Easton, Ginette and Trevor before we travel to Edmonton once Deni and Courtney's baby is born. Following our post Christmas visit to Edmonton we will return home before taking our flight back to sin city, on the 19th of January.

We'll be packing on the miles (both air and ground).
Easton and his folks are expecting a newborn in mid-February
On or about the 14th of February, Jeanette will fly back home for the birth of Ginette and Trevor's 2nd child.  I will stay back to hold down the RV fort, for ten days or so;  likely nestled in the Palm Springs area.  Upon Jeanette's return, we'll once again resume our winter journey.

Looking forward to rolling into similarly nice locations this winter.
Our entire family (new babies too) plan to join us in the sunny Palm Springs area in late March or early April. We'll get to holiday with them (and spoil the grand kids) before they fly home and before we slowly RV back home.

So, you get the picture of our winter journey.

On the local front of late, we've managed to keep a busy pace of activities.  I joined a group of eight White Rock City Rotary golfers for a round this past Monday.  I played the worst game of the season.  I don't know why that was.  That's golf - I guess!  I simply could not find a comfortable stance and swing!  That didn't take away from the enjoyment of being out on the golf course though.  It simply proves that golf is a game that is most complex and that it requires frequency of play and practice to play well on a regular basis.  I love the challenge that the game affords.
Following a frost delay, we were off and playing by 10:30 am.
Jeanette had some one on one time with Easton while his mom was busy with a few hours of business.
Playground fun
Shopping in a toy store.....WOW!  Check out all of that John Deere equipment!
....and great fun with Donald Duck's car.
We have an exciting weekend ahead.   Deni and Courtney are flying here, from Edmonton, for the long weekend. We plan to celebrate an early Christmas... with dinner included.    Jeanette is busy preparing a pre-Christmas dinner menu. 
Courtney, Trevor, Easton, Ginette and Deni  (Family archive photo)
Our family and Courtney's family will come together to celebrate around the dinner table this Sunday.  We sure look forward to that. 

That paints the picture of our lives of late.  We have some errands to run so we best get on that.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sounds like some exciting times ahead for all of you. Safe and enjoyable travels!

  2. I was wondering how you'd deal with the new arrivals as well as Christmas. It looks like you'll have a busy winter with lots of time with the kids and kidlets. That should be great!

  3. WOW, That's a lot of going back and forth huh. But for two more grandchildren it's well worth it.

  4. Sounds like a great plan, Rene. I too was wondering how you planned to fit the arrival of the new grandchildren into your winter travels.

    Looks like you've got everything worked out perfectly. Just one week to go as well before heading out - pretty exciting!

  5. Sounds like a busy fun winter to me, with a lot of travel involved!

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  7. lets try that again..hard to believe that summer is done and all the snowbirds are beginning their winter travel plans! sounds like yours will be a very busy one, filled with new grandbabies and a few plane rides too!

  8. Looks like you have yourselves a very busy winter ahead of you, enjoy all the family time!

  9. Wow! Like those plans of yours. It's going to be an exciting winter for you both.

  10. Rene, Asking for a friend:

    Where did you get your trailer for the bike ?

    Is it 'legal' to tow this way in all States ?

  11. Sassy,

    The Swivelwheel is legal in all US states. I have been repeatedly followed and closely scrutinized by many State troopers in numerous US states and have never, ever been pulled over.

    The unit is manufactured in Texas. I have used mine for four years.

    WEB site:

  12. Rene, Thanks for the info and your quick reply.

    Did you go to Texas to get it ? Or did you have it shipped ? Or can you buy it in B.C. ?

  13. I had the Swivelwheel shipped to a US freight forwarding service in Blaine, Washington, mere minutes from our home in BC. I imported it into Canada.

    I do not know of anyone in BC - let alone Canada - who sell these units. I often wonder why RV sales centres do not offer them.

    The family owned company that manufactures these swivelwheels is top class, in my mind. I had many telephone conversations with the principals when I was exploring purchasing one. They were honest and forthright.

    I have seen two other competitor systems and, in my view, they are not as well built as the swivelwheel. The only thing I did was replace the tire last winter. I always carry a spare tire too.

  14. Sounds like you have a wonderful close (& growing) family.