Wednesday, November 20, 2013

About to Leave Tonopah, NV for Death Valley

The iPad saga is over - for now at least.  By 10:30 yesterday morning, Apple finally confirmed that it could not unlock our iPad. has been put away.  We're moving on with our journey!  Enough said. 
Changing out the standard tail lights for LED.
We had noticed that one of our swivelwheel lights was 1/2 dimmed.  A simple bulb replacement would have fixed the problem but I opted to go LED.  An Auto Zone next door to the Verizon store in Fernley was where we found the identical replacement LED lights.
Within 30 minutes, the new LED lights replaced the former standard lights.  And what a difference.  The LED's are much more visible - daytime or nighttime.
I left the Verizon store by 10: 15 am, yesterday, and drove back to the Desert Rose RV Park. We emptied our tanks and buttoned up our RV for the drive further south.  We chose to stop in Tonopah, NV.  An RV park, on the side of Highway  95, was about the only option.  We took it.  It is new....rustic....and on gravel, but the services were 50 amp, with good cable and more.  
Approaching Walker Lake
Much of the drive leads one to think of driving on a moonscape.  There is little vegetation.  It is interesting topography though.  The drive was on smooth road with great views.  
Walker Lake is a large body of water but when we drove past it, we did not see any water based activities. 
This is likely some of the US Army training grounds to ready troops for deployment to places like Afghanistan.
And speaking of army, we drove past this incredibly large depot.  I mean large.  The photo below only captures a small part of the vastness of this place.

There were hundreds of bunkers too.....
Traffic was light and we were being passed by transport trucks easily driving at speeds in the mid 70's.  With the swivelwheel rated at 65 MPH, we kept our speeds slightly below that.

Arriving in  Tonopah
We saw the roadside RV park when approaching the town but we chose to drive through in search of another RV spot we had read about.  We fueled up then drove to the Joyland RV Park.  Yikes.....not much of a place.  We rolled in, turned around and chose to head out and back to the highway 95 side RV park with no name.
Registering at the nameless but supposedly new RV Park (Park is not really a proper name for this place)
So the 'New RV Park' was where we spent last night.  It was busy too.  It is a combination RV and motel facility. 
We settled in before dark and had a leisurely evening catching up on email, blogs, TV news, and more.  We both slept really well too.  

We'll be leaving here soon for Pahrump and our planned three to four days of touring the area - ideally with our motorcycle.  Our destination is the Terribles RV / Casino Resort that backs on to a lake in Pahrump.  More on that in a future blog.

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. I was afraid you'd end up having some grief with the Ipad. Time for plan B? I'm thinking of picking up a Millenicom hotspot this year. We've done something different as far as Internet every year we've gone south, from using Park Wifi (not acceptable) to Sprint Usb stick (not much better) to wired Cable internet (pretty good, but obviously not mobile). I've been interested in hearing how the Youngest Snowbird does withher Millenicom experience before we purchase the hardware.

  2. Have fun Parhump maybe we get there this year yet.
    We still like our Verizon Jetpack mifi, no contract.