Sunday, November 24, 2013

Waking up in Wikieup, AZ

When looking outside our fiver this morning, the clouds were still prevalent.  Checking the weather reports, we learned that the sun could well shine today as we move further east.  We'll see.  Although not raining as I write this, the threat is clear.
Saturday morning @ Lakeside RV Park, Pahrump, NV - Sweeping the leaves and pine cones off of the slide tops.
We decided to weather the weather, so to speak, and drive further east towards the Phoenix, AZ, area. Rolling out of this very nice RV resort and casino - with the seven acre man made lake and numerous trees - we knew we would return some day.  And we will!  Our wheels were rolling at 10:00 am NV time (11:00 am AZ time).
We did not stop so we can't vouch that this place is 'World Famous'.  It was raining so hard, we simply did not have the interest to drop in.
The rain was coming down and @ 5400 feet in elevation, snow was sticking on the ground.
Only about  30  miles from Las Vegas - high in the mountains on Highway 160 - we arrived at the forecast snow line.  The road was very wet but the snow was not sticking.  Good thing!
The snow plows had been through the highest point before we got here, but the evidence was clear.  It had snowed several inches up at the summit.
And the long downhill drive towards Las Vegas only drew very heavy rain.  It was relentless!

This Las Vegas photo was taken from the cab of our tow a torrential downpour.
Although we have been to Las Vegas well over a dozen times, this is the very first visit where the weather reminded us of a typical Vancouver, BC, winter day.  The news broadcasts had shown so many vehicle crashes due to slippery roads. 
Our exit from Las Vegas towards Boulder City and Highway 93
We blew through Las Vegas and headed further east.  Still, the rain would not abate.

Having visited the Hoover Dam a few times before, we didn't stop here either.  We just kept driving.
Jeanette did manage to capture the photo below from the mile high road above Lake Mead.  
Lake Mead, AZ

The Colorado River - taken from the Arizona side.  This river is the border that divides Nevada and California from Arizona.
Relentles.....this rain was.

Soon to arrive at our destination; an RV Park in Wikieup, AZ
When planning our route east from Pahrump, we found a Passport America RV Park in the little town of Wikieup, AZ.  We read reports from other RVers who stopped in here and all raved about the great food in the roadside restaurant and the long pull through sites that were more than adequate for an over night stay.  
Rolling on to the Dazzo's RV Park, Wikieup, AZ.
And....we can honestly say that this is a pretty cool place to overnight.  The Passport America rate is $10.56 (taxes in).  And it is a real bargain for level pull through sites with all services.  The people here are really friendly.  Although the rain continued off and on, we did get to chat with other RVers who use this place as part of their yearly drives from north to south and back.
Our overnight spot at Dazzo's RV Park in Wikieup, AZ.
 The sun is breaking through as I get ready to post this blog.  It's nearing 9:00 am here.  By 10:30 or so, we will roll out towards our next destination; Lake Pleasant State Park - about 40 minutes north of Phoenix.  We'll hang out there for two nights before rolling further east to Gold Canyon - our future stop for seven days.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Pretty brutal weather for travelling but you arrived safe and sound, enjoy you time in that area and hope the weather improves for you.

  2. Welcome to Arizona, wish the weather was better for your arrival, but it doesn't look too promising yet today. We are right up the road from you at Cave Creek. We might get out for a drive this afternoon and would love to stop by to say hello if you are up for a quick visit? We will check back to your blog before we head out and have a great day!

  3. By all means....drop by. We hope to be registered and set up by 2:00 or 3:00 pm. We won't have internet so call us on our US cell 765-918-6851. We look forward to meeting you two.

  4. Wow, I don't envy your having to drive in those downpours. Still, Jeanette managed to get some pretty nice photos - it sure captured the mood well - wet, wet, wet.

    Here's hoping you get some well deserved sunshine soon.

  5. I will second Rick's comment--Here's hoping you find some sunshine soon!

  6. What is with the black cloud following you around???

  7. Not a very nice drive in the rain for you today! We drove from Yuma to Tucson and it was dry and clear, a little cool though. We had better start finding some warmer weather or we will regret our decision to not return to Mexico.

  8. We have stayed at Dazzo's twice on our way home. I could not believe the price. Nice spot to overnight.

  9. Definitely added Dazzo's to our potential campground list.