Saturday, November 23, 2013

Heading to Arizona....

Death Valley proved a sombre place to be (weather wise), these past three days.  So....we decided to roll further east & south today.
Although a very nice RV spot, it's time to go.
Jeanette and I contemplated staying one more day here but the weather is not favourable.  We enjoyed our time;  relaxing, walking, reading, watching Netflix movies, and researching our destinations for the weeks ahead.  Our plan to tour the area was a bust.  The weather gawds put a cloud over our plans.....!  But we'll come back here.
This fella has fished this man-made lake for the past 1 1/2 months....with no bites.  But he claims to have caught some large mouth Bass, last year.  He just enjoys fishing....
The wet weather meant we did not get to roll the motorcycle off the swivelwheel for touring Death Valley. The area has now received 50% of its annual rainfall, since our arrival. Average yearly rainfall is normally 2".

We will come back here, in better weather, to fulfill our desire to motorcycle and tour the great sites this area offers.
The 7 degree Celsius weather has been similar to our west coast home in BC.  The ducks are happy!
Nicely refurbished trailer and old van style truck pulled into the park.
The wet and cold front that came through here will dissipate in the next day or so.  The temperatures forecast for the Phoenix area - upon our arrival - will range between 68-75 degrees.  We will look forward to that.  
A man made waterfall in the Nevada desert......

We made reservations for one week at Canyon Vista RV Resort in Gold Canyon - approx. 10 minutes east of Mesa, AZ.  We roll in on Tuesday.  We spent two weeks there last February and truly enjoyed it.  We are on our way to a great Arizona Regional Park tomorrow (Sunday), for two nights before we roll into the Phoenix/Mesa area.  It's called Lake Pleasant.  And it's a wonderful place too!
Not a lot more to add to this story.  We'll report from our next stop; likely in Wikieup, Arizona.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sorry to hear Death Valley was a bust, but seemed nice to take it easy for the past couple of days. Have a safe travel day, and looking forward to your next adventure.

  2. Sounds like how out time at Cave Creek has been. Rained all day yesterday, throughout the night and is raining again right now. Hope it clears up for your arrival!

  3. Seems no one across the country is liking their weather. We are wishing for a warm up! I'm disappointed, we were looking forward to your tours as we expect to spend some time in Pahrump this winter.

  4. Well move on down the road, travel safe and enjoy some nicer weather.

  5. Not much better here in AZ but it looks to be improving slightly next week.

  6. Not much you can do about inclement weather - it happens to all of us no matter where we might be.

    Here's hoping you get lots of Arizona sunshine in the coming week.

  7. safe travel folks..and have a wonderful safe winter...

  8. Hard to believe you got washed out in Death Valley!

  9. Not getting any bites is the reason I don't fish.
    I think I'd just as soon sit there and look at the water.