Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rolling Towards the Southeast in California

From southern Oregon, we rolled through the high mountain passes between Oregon and California in beautiful weather.  It was a nice contrast to one full year ago.
Low clouds in southern Oregon.
Great conditions for the drive through the passes.
The Siskiyous Pass was clear and clean.
Mt. Shasta in the distance.
We were offered a clear view of Mt. Shasta.  Jeanette noted the little amount of snow this year over last year.  When we compared photos, Shasta was really well coated in white, one year back.
Nature's beautiful work of art.
Our drive was completed within five hours - with stops along the way. We opted to spend two nights at Durango RV Park in Red Bluff, CA.  The park offers long pull through's with great amenities.  We are permitted to wash our rigs here too. 
Arrival at Durango RV Park. Red Bluff, CA
Yesterday morning had me haul out the water hoses, bucket, soap and wash brush on an extension pole.  The truck and 5th wheel were clean and bright by 12:30.  Jeanette chose to complete two small wash loads. After lunch we took a nice walk around the park and along the Sacramento River.
It feels so good to have everything cleaned up.
We took Chico -our friend's dog - for a walk along the Sacramento River but he was not as willing to leave his master once he lost sight of Hector.  
Chico is eying his RV site from aways!  He's not liking being too far from his masters, Diane or Hector.
During the drive through Oregon, Hector's Class 'A' motorhome took a stone in the windshield.  Before it could crack further, he found a local glass repair operator to come on site to fix it.
Stone chip damage.
Making quick work on the repair.
Part of the process.
Another part of the process.
And the fix! Nice job!
The installer/fixer guarantees his work for one year.  Should there be any problems with the glass repair, Hector can stop in for a fix on the way back home to Vancouver Island.

Today will see us continue our journey south on I-5 towards Lost Hills - or thereabouts. It is in our plans to be in Orange Grove RV Park by tomorrow afternoon.  That RV Park is on the east side of Bakersfield, CA.
Another view of our site at Durango RV Park, Red Bluff, CA.
A view from the south shore of the Sacramento River, CA.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Like your pace south much better then ours. We were surprised also with the little amount of snow on Shasta, but this years weather made the drive much more enjoyable. Nice that they let you wash up your rigs at Durango. Wishing you safe travels to Orange Grove today.

  2. Those power pedestals look familiar. I'm pretty sure if you take a gander, you'll see they're made by my wife's company. (the "Company that Cannot be Named")
    They're into a bunch of stuff.
    Nice park, and always a good thing when a they'll let you do a little cleaning up.
    Safe travels!

  3. Looks like you guys are in a nice park, Poor Chico, Our Rigg's would not bat an eye at going for a walk with you, he is game for a walk anytime anyplace.Hope the oranges are still in season out there at your next stop. be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. Great shot of Mt. Shasta. Nice looking park in Red Bluff, we'll have to add that one to our list.

    I imagine the orange trees at the Orange Grove RV Park will be loaded just about now!

  5. Rick,

    We've been in the Orange Grove RV park for a couple of hours and we've picked our share of oranges. There are signs everywhere asking RV'ers, and any one else, to please pick, pick, pick!