Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back in The Desert.....

Monday morning, 5:15 am sharp, Ginette was at our door to drive us to the Bellingham Airport.  After a five minute wait at the border crossing (two cars ahead of us...and three questions from the border guard), we arrived at the airport within 20 minutes.  It rained all the way.

We were quickly through airport security and with a couple of coffees and muffins, we relaxed before boarding our flight.  The flight was on time; as it should be.  Ours was the very first flight of the day.
Shortly after take off and attaining cruising altitude.
Jeanette had a window seat and took several photos.  The skies cleared and before long, we could follow the topographical landscape changes, en route.

No snow here.....
While back home on the Pacific BC coast, and following the weather in the US southwest, we knew that it had snowed in Las Vegas between Christmas and New Years.  Our descent into that city showed no signs of the white stuff though.  The golf course (photo below) looked inviting.

Our landing was smooth and on time.  Our captain, a woman, brought us in on time.
Ten minutes after calling the shuttle service, we were on board and only five minutes later, our truck was started and we headed off to purchase some groceries. The shuttle driver told us about the extreme cold weather and the unusual snowfall that Las Vegas endured for a few days during the Christmas holidays.
Our storage facility near the airport in Las Vegas.
The temperature in Las Vegas was 54 degrees.  In Needles, CA - only two hours south, the temperature approached the high 60's
Arriving at Moabi Regional Park, San Bernardino County @ Pirate's Cove.
When we checked in at the RV office at Moabi Regional Park, the young lady at the counter talked about driving through snow (only a skiff, in our view) for the very first time in her life.  In fact, she had never, ever seen snow before. The security guard told us that the last time snow was seen in these parts dates back 37 years. 

Although we had earlier planned to spend one night here in Moabi, before heading for a two night stay at Lake Pleasant, AZ, we both preferred a three night option here, along the Colorado River.  From here, we will head to Phoenix country - east through the city and Mesa - to settle into a seven night stay at the Canyon Vista RV Resort, in Gold Canyon.  We've traveled there several times before.  Situated at the foot of Superstition Mountain, this is a beautiful and modern area that is the winter home of several folks we know.
Hitching up in the storage facility.
It took little time before we were hitched up and rolling through the steel sliding gates of the locked compound at Moabi.
Leaving the storage facility.
Ten minutes later, we were backed in to site #104 at Pirate's Cove - along the Colorado River estuary. 
Plugging into to 50 amps
With the slides out, the groceries were sorted and stored and we were well relaxed some 10 hours after having left our home in British Columbia.  So....it was a very good day. And all is well.

We 'Face Timed' our Langley BC family.  Easton was especially thrilled to hear from us now that we are back at the 5th wheel.  He had to show us how his remote controlled train ran. Brie tried to hug the iPad.  Cute stuff.

We then settled in for a nice dinner and some TV watching before calling an early night.   We slept very, very well. And we feel well rested and ready for journey ahead.

 The motorcycle being lowered from the swivel wheel.
We woke up to a beautiful and sunny day.  Even the morning outdoor temperature was pleasant.  Sitting outdoors was a welcomed treat.  

We have planned a motorcycle ride to Bullhead City, AZ.... then Laughlin, NV before heading south to the AVI Casino and Resort, back through Needles and to our RV spot here on the Colorado River.  

Tomorrow, the Sea Eagle kayak will be inflated.  Jeanette will drop me off up river on the Colorado. I will then paddle downstream to the estuary entrance and the long paddle back to the boat launch near our RV site.  That should be a nice couple of hours on the river.  
All set to roll.
That's it from here.  It is good to be back.  Let the fun begin!


  1. I wish you would have had room in your suitcase for me! Just kidding, I'm still envious that you can back up the 5'ver with the swivel wheel still attached. I'm wondering if that's a better option for my Motorhome instead of the Mototote. Seems the Mototote might not be able to handle a bigger bike than what I have.

  2. Welcome back to the land of brown where adventures await your calling. Sure sounds better than shoveling snow doesn't it. Glad you both made it back safe and sound.

    It's about time.

  3. We were saving up this beautiful weather for your return. 75F here at Dogpound South today.

  4. glad you are safely back in your rolling home..now back to the regular winter programming!

  5. Thanks for bringing the good weather back with you!!